Monday, September 24, 2012

I ran away to San Francisco

Labor day weekend the hubs and I went to San Francisco.  Here is a photo grid tour and play by play so you can feel like you came along. ;)

This is the hotel room 
we stayed at the J.W. Marriot at Union Square on the 15th floor. with a city view. 
it was nice enough. 

The first question everyone asked is Who watched the kids?

We ditched the kids Thursday night with my mom and she got them to school Friday and picked them up and kept them until Friday evening.  Then my mother in law took the 5 younger kids and the teenagers spent the weekend at my brother Aaron's house until Monday evening . Then they all came back home and I eventually got home about at 11:30 pm Monday night.  The hubs stayed in San Francisco until Thursday and worked.

The Play by Play....

We got in late Thursday night after our flight was delayed an hour and then getting the rental car.

By the time we got to our room we just ordered delivery in and had the most fabulous pizza ever! from Napoli Pizza. the concierge gave us the name and menu. Maybe it was just because it was like 1 am. and I was starving, but it really was DELIGHTFUL.

Here is a collage of me and the hubs.

(Top counter clockwise) At the Golden gate bridge park, Me in the red with the hubs waiting in the lobby, at breakfast in Lori's dinner the last day, kissing in our shadow at the Black Stallion Winery in Napa, at fisherman's warf Pier 39, with the door man at the Sir Francis Drake hotel, at dinner the 2nd Night, and at the Cable car museum.

Friday The hubs and his boss Mark had to work, they were in SF to move a server at a big utility company and had to do it over a holiday weekend so they both brought their wives.

 If the server move went badly they'd be stuck working in a basement all weekend but I wouldn't be alone in the city all day, and if it went well it was a free vacation. 

Friday Joyce and I went shopping while the guys worked. 
we walked to a little 
Irish shop she'd been to before and then we went to Union Square where I could do some window shopping at all the big stores like Coach, Louis Vuitton,  and Burberry. 

These pics....The hearts were on 3 corners of Union Square park.
The pink purse was at Coach. and the store window was me and Joyce in the reflection at Burberry. 
There is a tiny picture of me at Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the city. 
The hubs and I again with the Golden Gate Bridge. 

 Saturday we drove to Napa Valley and over the Hill to Sonoma 

We went to 4 Wineries. 

In Sonoma we went to B.R. Cohn which is owned by the manager of the Doobie Brothers. They had an olive oil and gourmet shop there too. we tasted a 25 year old vintage balsamic vinegar that was amazing.

Black Stallion had an educational vineyard with the different types of wine grapes and what wines they make. It was very interesting to see the different sizes and colors of the grapes, some had seeds and some didn't. 

The hubs and I were just along for the ride at the winery tour, but the scenery was lovely and the Estates were amazing. 

in the pics...(clockwise starting with the big picture) the vineyard at Chimney rock, The black Stallion in front of Black Stallion Winery, Just the sign at B.R. Cohn winery,  The casks on display at Black Stallion and some grapes on the vine also at Black Stallion.

(The pics from Opus One are on my camera and all of these are from my phone. if you are really wondering what that Estate looked like you can click on the link above.) 

Sunday we went around on our own for the day.  We did some gratuitous walking around union Square together. I made him go in Louis Vuitton with me, and the Giant stained glass ceiling in Neiman Marcus was a sight to behold.

We ate Lunch at Blondie's Pizza


Then we took a cab to the cable car museum

From there we rode the Cable Car, standing up on the outside, I thought my butt was going to be taken off by a car as we passed by, to Ghirardelli Square and Walked to Fishermans warf. and Pier 39.

I had a glorious hot fudge brownie Sunday at Ghirardelli and became addicted to the pumpkin spice caramel chocolates they had. If anyone wants to follow that link and order me some I'd love you forever, otherwise I'm gonna make the hubs go back to SF for work and bring me some. HEAVENLY!

I found the Cutest shop nextdoor  to Ghiradelli called Gigi + Rose. and look they have a website. yay!

Clockwise from the big pic. obviously the fisherman's warf sign, the view of Alcatraz that day there was fog over the bay all day, The sea lions on Pier 39, The hubs and I by the marina, The big carousel, and some boats.
 After all the walking that day, and my feet killing me i was really ready to skip the crazy crowds and go back to the hotel but we kept going until we met up with Mark and Joyce for dinner at Houstons. or Hillstone, whatever it was dinner, we had reservations.

and here is a collage of all the big sights. we saw, 
Lombard Street, going over the Golden Gate bridge, The View while riding on the cable Car, a heart from Union Square, Ghiradelli, I saw Coit Tower in the distance on the way to dinner, Fisherman's warf again and the Golden Gate Bridge again. 

We also went up to the Marin Headlands but the fog was rolling in and the sun was going down so the view of the Golden Gate was not super awesome and the fog obstructed the view. it was Crazy thick and rolling in over the mountain. it was very cool. it's on my real camera too. 

The Last day we went to Breakfast at Lori's diner at union Square

So that's my trip in it's entirety. don't you feel like you came along now? all the wonder and no aching feet.

For those that were anxiously awaiting pics from my meet up with Mamarazzi, it didn't work out. sad panda. someday, hopefully sooner than later. so close and yet so far.

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a fantastic trip y'all had! Wow, you hit all the spots I'd want to visit. Your mosaics are great. I do feel like I've toured with y'all. Thanks for putting this post together for us. I know it was time consuming to make so many mosaics!

Ricki Jill

jeannie maxwell said...

So the same time, I was away with hubby. We left Thursday. I came home Monday night same time and he stayed for work and came home late Thursday! Crazy. Except I was in Vegas/Utah. Hey can you tell me your IG name? Thanks!

Cara said...

SF will have a special place in my heart since that is where the husband and I honeymooned and this is seriously the best city every however we may be a little biased. Did you have enough time to do the Alcatraz Tour? I am counting down the time before we can go again. Glad you had so much fun!

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