Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ready to be back to blogging.

Happy New Year!

it's been a few months off. Apparently I needed a little me time.

Life continues speeding along, week after week.

We moved. slowly. it was a long haul.

Which is a little ridiculous, since it was just across town. but we did it over a months time.

 We ended up paying double rent in December. but didn't  I want to be rushed or crowded hauling things we don't need or want. I wanted to have the house organized as we moved in.

 In the last week or two of moving the kids were over it, saying we were ruining the Christmas break making them help. and we were exhausted from the holiday, and moving and trying to split time between two houses and not getting much done anywhere.

In the end, I swear I restocked the nearest thrift store a couple times over, and purged a ridiculous amount of crap that was cluttering my house and weighing me down. and even after all that , i worry that i didn't purge enough and i need to keep going.

moving and furnishing a new house and putting everything away is overwhelming.
my children are ill trained to do anything , it seems.  I have come to the point, I refuse to do it for them. They are old enough, they are capable. they need to do it for themselves. I will help them but I can't do it all by myself anymore.

so there we are.

blogher quit me today. saying i haven't posted regularly enough anymore. i'm totally ok with it.

I was just itching to start posting again. it's been awhile since i could say that.

so come back.I have more posts in my brain just waiting to be posted.

I have a word of the year and Christmas to post about.

 A bunch of new pics to update the sidebar and the baby has turned into a crazy toddler,  he's a devil and a delight every freaking day.

I'm ready to be back, even if it's just me that reads it.

huge hugs,
XOXO Crazymama

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back! Sometimes a good hiatus is what we need.

Wendy Phelps said...

I have missed your posts! Made me laugh! You have mad writing skills, Julie!

Jen said...

Glad your back. Sometimes the break is super nice and for me it took the pressure off to blog so often. I do it when I feel like and when I don't oh well. Glad you are all moved in and closer to me!

The Lovely One said...

welcome back! looking for forward to reading your posts again!

Leslie said...
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