Friday, March 23, 2007

Back to Black!

Ok I started my blog with black as the original background. Then I changed it to the pinkish color. and i just haven't been feelin' it! so I changed it back to black and fuchsia. I love the color fuchsia. It was my New Years resolution in 1995 to wear fuchsia (I figured I might as well pick something I might actually do. ) Anyway and I pretty much wear black everyday. I discovered I like black because it doesn't show the Dr.pepper I spill on my shirt . I have at least 15 black shirts. sometimes I buy more than one in the same style and color because if I like it a lot I can wear it more. and since my Laundry isn't always done efficiently I'm not without my favorite shirt.
Yes I love black and fuchsia together too. the other night I bought a black and fuchsia formal, because it was my fave colors, it was cheap $15.99 at Ross , I didn't want to try it on there so I bought it and it didn't really fit and I have nowhere to wear it, so it's going back, but I'd rather buy it and return it, than miss out on something I might feel sad about missing out on. Plus it didn't look so hot with the white sleeve peaking out of the halter style top. It might have been ok with my modest Tee covering up my skivvy's but since it wasn't a perfect fit. I won't feel sad to return it.
Better to buy and return, than never buy it at all! No regrets here!


Brooke said...

Black is the new spring color for the season, you go girl! I love the color black also, makes you look more slimming!

ZB said...

I never thought of black covering up Dr. Pepper...but you are so right. Of course, it's not so go for baby spit up, which is where I am in life.

And by the way---6 kids...doesn't JUST happen. Well, maybe it kind of does.

onehm said...

I love fuschia too! Black of course, is the most wonderful "wear anywhere" color...What would we do without it?
I love your blog!

Lindsey said...

I can't believe that was your new years resolution. I almost wet when I read that. I do love the fuschia though, it is totally you.

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