Friday, March 23, 2007

Totally loving my blog!

Ok I am so loving my blog! I have gotten comments from friends from High school that I never see and I get a glimpse of their lives too. Sooo fun! Lunch was yummy. we had a minor injury at the Barro's for the first time ever. Jenny's little guy Gavin bumped his head on an unidentified object and started gushing from a very little puncture. I of course had a handy dandy band-aid in my purse, so after a few minutes you'd never know he was hurt, except for the animal tattoo band-aid . But Lindsey did observe that that was our first injury in many years at Barro's. Bummer for Gavin!
And I did wonder previously about a disclaimer that while black clothes cover up Dr. Pepper incredibly well, it does not in fact hide snot or spit-up at all. Which I know very well. I had been into wearing white shirts when I got married and for the first few kids, and at one point I had organized my closet in color sections. and Lance discovered that I had 22 white shirts in my closet. so when I started having all of these kiddo's, I gave up on white, after many, many days of wearing a white shirt with soda stains and baby goop on it and being gone all day with no change of shirt in sight, all day,and it was always those days I'd run into an old boyfriend at the store. Ahhh, the wonder of motherhood! As I go the more I change and learn. or should that be learn and then change? another chicken before the egg question.
Anyway thanks to all of that commented on my blog! This is so fun and really way more fun than chores or other Mom stuff. like cleaning up crunched up cereal Hope picked out all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms and left a pile of the dry nasty cereal on the floor and crunched it up because it looks like less that way? argghh gotta go clean that up. :(
Ok Jenny and Lindsey you know how much I love you because I missed my "bag O'crap" on Woot while we were gone. But you are sooo worth it. plus I have yet to win one, it sold out in 14 seconds! I doubt I even would've had a chance.


Jen said...

LOL! You are FAST! Thanks for the Band-Aid, I know I can always count on you and that bag of tricks that has anything and everything! Love the blog.

Crazymamaof6 said...

Peyton was rather impressed of your use of LOL ! LoL! he is such an awesome computer user! he 's buggin' me to get off so he can "check his email" and play L.O.R.O (lord of the rings online) Lol!

Lindsey said...

Well we are still going to lunch. I don't care about WOOT!! Ha, ha. I need those playdates so much. I am loving your blog

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