Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pierce is the sweetest baby!

My baby thinks he needs to crawl!

he has been scooting around the house for a week or so , but now he gets on his hands and knees.

It makes me so sad he's getting so big. HE IS SOO HEAVY! he weighed 22 lbs last week.

but it's all dead weight , he doesn't try to hold himself on!

He has some teeth trying to come in too.

so sad my baby is getting big already!

he still has a shiny head there is hair there but not enough to hinder the shine!

It's cute!

at Lance's graduation I heard someone comment that he looks like a cabbage patch kid!

This baby was such a surprise but he's so fun and so happy.

I guess the lord knew he had to be, the youngest of six kids to a mom that is pretty crazy, that happens to have cancer and had radiation just before she got pregnant.

My friend tells me it's the radiation that made him such a good baby! I think it's because heavenly father knew I couldn't handle anything more than a good baby.


Toon Family said...

You deserve a good kid and HE knew that! He is a adorable and yes, I can tell he's getting bigger! So grown up! (don't cry!)

onehm said...

He does look so adorable...just like a CPK! Love that he's so good for you.

Brooke said...

What a cutie and even better that he's a sweet cutie! I have always loved the name Pierce I wanted to name Cody that but, Pierce Sirrine just never sounded right.

Lindsey said...

I love Pierce. He is so happy everytime I see him. What a sweetheart.

ZB said...

Ah, sweet little face.

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