Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Time to play what's in your purse!

Ok it's a bag full of treasures. Denim and really too large, but there it is.

  • babies R' Us flier and coupon pack.
  • Marshall's bag with Pokemon video game I bought yesterday
  • a Gymboree striped sweater and red tunic in large ziploc bag-trying to match ribbon yesterday, for bows for Saturday
  • my cheap Kodak camera I've been carrying around since I started my blog
  • coupon for a shoe store-a whole page of the newspaper coupon!
  • a note pad
  • In-N-Out stickers
  • sonic kids meal book new in the wrapper
  • a large stack of mail from my mom's house. mostly junk
  • Costco pizza magnet
  • 2 lands end catalogs-kids and regular
  • 6 Barro's coupons
  • a Deseret book catalog
  • 1 jar of pliable molding creme-hair product
  • 1 bedhead stick-hair product
  • 3 size 4 Kirkland diapers
  • 1 burp cloth
  • 1 formula/snack holder-it has snacks but no formula!
  • 1bib
  • 2sponge brushes
  • 1 -61 pack of hair rubber bands brown and black
  • 1 bottled water
  • a handful of paper napkins from the Coscto food court
  • 1 roll of bubble tape gum
  • 2 combs- one rat tail and one regular
  • one black lipstick holder with a tube of Clinique Pink chocolate lipstick!
  • 1 tube of ultra menta lipshine from bath and body works
  • 1 golf ball
  • one silver rattle and one a plastic one with a teether end
  • one antibiotic prescription for Pierce
  • a big lots ad
  • a readers digest new in the wrapper
  • two thank you notes-one is mine the other is for my sister in law, I forgot to deliver it
  • 3 bottle lids
  • one pocket knife (Liberty's)
  • 4 packs of gum-used and one new in the wrapper
  • a folded up brown paper bag with notes on it
  • 1 burgundy hair bow
  • a Napoleon Dynamite note pad separated from the magnetic back
  • A Single baby sock
  • a red note card file for receipts
  • one smooshed flat pack of gushers fruit snacks
  • 3 black claw clippies tiny size
  • 9 used diaper wipes (face or hand ones!not diaper ones)
  • 1 St. Patricks day ribbon
  • 2 dental pink tablets from the kid dentist
  • 1 mini sharpie-black, fine point
  • and one regular ball point pen
  • loads of receipts from food places and stores
  • a 52 cents of change at the bottom
  • a bonus stub from the hubby's work
  • 2 one dollar bills
  • one hematite dolphin necklace from the quarter machine at Basha's
  • some popcorn and a partial french fry
  • gum wrappers-assorted colors
  • straw wrappers from sonic
  • and old gushers wrappers
  • and one black clutch purse with one black wallet
  • a thank you card
  • one mirror mint tin that is Pink and says "HOTTIE"
  • 4 Marshall's receipts
  • 1 dollar
  • 2 tubes of Pink chocolate lipstick
  • a receipt from the pediatrician office
  • 1 Walmart receipt
  • one dental reminder card
  • my broken cell phone
  • and 79 cents in change
  • and one Ross receipt
and No wipes! my cute container is in the Van!and sadly for lack of time I'm just gonna throw out the obvious trash and move into another bag. NICE! and on another note I have been searching for a new cute bag and there are none to be found. at least in my price range and style. I keep being drawn to a hand painted floral leather one from Italy but the price is $159 at Marshall's and I have a feeling the spouse would have issues with that. thus no new bag! BUT, the quest continues!


onehm said...

HOLY COW! I can't believe that you carry all that around in your purse. No wonder you are always prepared!

ZB said...

Does your back hurt by any chance? I could take a guess why. I like the popcorn and partial french fry. I like to call it "food supply" I'm glad I'm not the only one without the wipies

Lindsey said...

I don't know how much these bags were but they are way cute. I was at Blossom (hair salon on main st) they had these really cute clutches. I was thinking of getting one and putting in my huge purse then using the purse as a diaper bag. They had a teal green one with polka dots in the corner. I love that store, they have really cute purse and jewelry. Oh and clothes and fit 12 year olds.

Lance said...

and when she tells me to find something she wonders why I give up after only a few hundred items. Who knew I only had a few thousand more to go to find the needed item.

Brooke said...

Oh. my I thought I had a lot of stuff in my purse. I love all the ads and the golf ball!

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