Monday, April 14, 2008

Free contest giveaway for the PURSE PAL!

It all began with a random act of kindness, and now I feel really lucky to be hosting my first sponsored giveaway, by Willa @ Purse Pal .com . That really is truly delightful in every way!

this contest is for 3 random winners.
to win their choice of a "classic design" day size Purse Pal.

Here are the rules and procedures for the contest

1. you comment here one time.per blog you are willing to post on.

2. you go to your blog and post about this contest! and link back to me. crazymamaof6 or Truly Delightful in Every Way!?!
or just snag this blinkie to link back to this contest. (the code is lower in the post in a white box or there are instructions to adding it to a sidebar)

small animated blinkie

3. Post and tell all of your blog friends about the contest - telling why you think it would be fun to win the purse hook from Purse Pal. it can be about anything, like "i really need a purse hook to hold my designer purse off the ground when i go out." or something easy like, " i just like to win free stuff!" or "GOSH THAT PURSE HANGER IS SO COOL , I TOTALLY NEED ONE and have been wanting something just like that " while you are talking about it go ahead and link to Purse Pal.

4. THE CATCH? this contest is open to bloggers only. i know sad huh? maybe you should get a blog. any blog.

loop hole- if there are bloggers out there that can't handle only entering once, maybe your husband that blogs will enter for you and follow the contest procedures for you. So you have a better chance at winning. I'm just saying if that happened it wouldn't disqualify you or anything. (wink wink.)Or if you personally have 3 blogs you want to post on enter a comment 3 times and post on all of them. whalah! loop hole!

the contest will end Sunday, April 20th at midnight. the winners will be announced Monday April 21st.

I know it's different from before.I'm trying something new.

that is it ! SO EASY.

I just got my Purse Pal and had a chance to try it out, and remember, it holds a way bigger bag than you would think possible. it actually stays on the table and counter , which i admit i was skeptical but holy cow if it can hold my large purse/diaper bag and stay on the counter, it can handle alot. i was totally impressed. it is so small it fits in my wallet/clutch. and came with it's own pouch to hold it in.
Did you know that Purse Pal supports fabulous charities or causes. $5 of every single purse pal or $10 of the combo set price goes to the Charity that correlates with the one you pick.
there is the list of the beneficiaries here.


below are some instructions on how to link( in blogger). if you already know how,
comment and get posting. what are you waiting for?


I know there are some friends out there new to blogging not sure how to do a hyper link. everyone had to learn sometime. I'll tell you how. so no excuses you can do this! and if you really need help, you can email me. it's on my side bar. Or if you know me in real life, you can totally call me.

there are a couple ways.

you can either highlight one of my hyper links and copy and paste it into your post .

(you right click on the mouse and choose copy. then go to your post and right click again and pick paste)


the real way to link in blogger anyway IS you highlight the word or words you want to make into a link and you click on the green link symbol at the top of the blogger tool bar. (between text color and align left.) a pop up box opens and you copy and paste in the the URL you want to link to. (you find the URL at the top of the screen in the navigation bar it starts with http:// and ends with .com)

or just copy my URL here

and for Purse Pal's URL

to snag a blinkie? you can copy this code and paste it into a post-

To add it to a blogger sidebar. you follow these directions.

  • right click on it
  • select the properties option- which brings up a pop up box with the info for that blinkie, it ends with a gif
  • highlight the URL and copy
  • then go into blogger layout add a page element section
  • pick add a picture then paste the url into the from the web box
  • paste in the url into the box
  • check the box to shrink to fit
  • save changes.
whalah! blinkie added!
now you can move it up and down on the side bar like any layout addition. whoohoo!

it's super easy so just do it!

an extra fabulous thanks to Janna who made my fab blinkie and the code for it! SHE has some MAD SKILLZ! thanks a ton for all your help!


SuperCoolMom said...

Woohoo! So, if I have 4 blogs, Can I enter 4 times???? I need one of those cool purse pals!!!

I'll link back to you from

hotmamabeads said...

Ooh! I want one of those! I'm gonna enter from my Private Blog, but I'll be sure and send you an invite!

I want the Breast Cancer one!

Laurie said...

I'm honored to be #3! This is such a fabulous unique item and a fabulous giveaway. Pick me!

Cecily R said...

Linked UP!

Brianne said...

My mom has one of those and I think they are fabulous. I'd love to win one!

Angela said...

Pick me! Pick me! Thanks for telling me about this contest!! I SO need and want one of those! Those are way FAB!! I just did a post about this on my blog. FUN!! :)

Laura said...

Supercool.....would like to win this time!!!

Leslie said...

I will give it a shot...Looks cool...Would love to win it...Definetly could use something like that especially if it will hold my diaper bag.

jes said...

I am commenting because I want to win! Let me know if I can enter 3 more times because I have 3 blogs. Thanks.

LaskiGal said...

Came from Cecily's blog! Yeah for your first sponsored contest! Very cool . . . all linked up and ready to go!

I'm certainly up for one!

Janna said...

How cool! You Rock!!!

I play!

Jen said...

I would love to win....and I learned something new from you today! :) What a fun contest to be doing!!!! :)

Andrea said...

AWESOME!!! I've been waiting for this contest to begin!! I really hope I win! I think they are so COOL!! I hate putting my purse on the floor in public!

I just posted about this giveaway on my blog!! You RAWK!!!

SuperCoolMom said...

Hey, Photobucket is saying that the blinkie has been moved or deleted :(
What's up? I NEED that cute Blinkie!!!

Jeannie said...

Hey Julie,
I've commented a few times here before. This is totally unrelated to the contest, but I was wondering if there was any way you could post the rules of your Bunko game night. We're here in Massachusetts and I've never heard of it but it sounds like so much fun. I've read about it on other blogs too. Thanks!

Laurie said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway. I would love to be a lucky winner. You can find me here

foreveralwaysnomatterwhat dot blogspot dot com

Jenifer said...

I want to win so bad! This sounds like fun. I love the blinkie!
We need to meet for lunch now that I have everyone out of my house:] I feel like I can breathe and resume normal life! Let me know!

Tanja said...

I think those purse hangers are so cool and unique...I would love to have one because I am a "germ a phob" and I can't even imagine what they would swab off the bottom of a purse. Plus, the girls are going to Vegas in June for a girls-get-away and I can't think of a better place to use it!! :)

I Do Faces said...

I found your blog off of Tip Junkie. I just love the blog world!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a purse pal!!! My purse is huge and I hate being at dinner and having to hold it on my lap because it either doesn't fit on the table, or there isn't an extra chair. So I'm gunna do all the steps and hope I win!!!!

lindsey said...

love this!! i am sooo jealous of yours!

Amy said...

Totally cute. I NEED one.

Piper said...

ok, so not only do I get a chance to win, I was forced to learn a new computer trick! way cool! thanks!

Diaper Diva said...

ummm??? Who would not want a purse pal??? I want one:)

Susie said...

OK, I am adding the blinkie right now! I love this and want to support your cause--You are rad! Now I get it!
Besides, I have a few friends who would die for one of these purse pals, but fall short of the blog requirement. Maybe I can win for one of them!

Bunny B said...

You have such a cool giveaway! I love the seahorse design! It's gorgeous! I'd love to enter. I've posted your button and blogged HERE! Thanks so much!!

TheVasquez3 said...

cool contest!! i love my purse holder...LOVE IT!! i am wishing everyone good luck on this one, the world needs more purses up off of the floor!!

Elizabeth Engelhardt Cakes and Crafts said...

COOL idea...would love to have one for any stops to the fast food gigs we head to sometimes!!!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

So, I don't win many things, so please pick me. Tip Junkie sent me your way...please, please, please...enough begging, I am a big girl...heehee

Allison said...

I think this is Awesome. You are I feel doing a pay-it-forward moment. You were given something and now you are paying-it-forward. There are blessings going all around because of this. AND you are making new friends, which is what you love doing and are GREAT at.

I am trying to get the link on my site. I hope it works, and I am going to win one, because I want it and I am doing all that I need to do to make it possible -- using the SECRET method. It works, so I WIN!!

Jen said...

I WANT one!!! And I finally got my post and linked it up!!! Aren't you proud? I am seriously coveting yours though!

Piper said...

p.s.-- there is a competing advertiser on my blog, did that happen with anyone else? I think it's funny to cause a stir!!!!!!!

Ruth Anne said...

Ok, I linked, and I am ready to go. Count me in.

Maybe it is a combination of my MAC or what I thought was computer skills, but is not, I couldn't get the D*$! blinkie to work!

Allison said...

P.S. By the way, just wanted you to know I am FABULOUS person in that I made the links happen on my site. YEA ME!! Took me a while, but I did it.

Webb Family said...

I'm trying it but you know me not very good all this computer stuff!! But, since I saw it work & how fabulous it is I need it!!!!

Laurie M. said...

That is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I'd love to win it! I'll hook you up on my blog.

Lynell said...

Okay, I think I should win. I would give it to my friend who had her 3rd chemo treatment on Tuesday and lost all of her hair last week. I was trying to find something nice to do for her and this would be perfect!

Amy said...

What a neat idea! Wish I'd invented it. I totally want to win. You're on my blog at Thanks!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Thanx for the GREAT post giveaway.

Please count me in... who doesn't want to keep their purse off the "germy" ground?!?

Thanx again, and feel free to pop by and say hello.

The Maag Family said...

I understand your feelings about loving having comments; who doesn't?
I seriously LOVE to win stuff, and this would be great! I'm on a roll, and would love for it to continue. :)
Feel free to stop by anytime and check out my blog, too!
Have a fabulous day!

michelle said...

This is a great little invention! Count me in! :)

Kylie said... I finally did a link! I know it's late, but better late than never right!?! I love all your fun contests/give aways!!

Melissa said...

I'm finally getting around to entering the contest. I hope I do all the steps right. I also really hope I win this because i hate putting my purse on the floor. Yuck! Okay, not I have to go to my blog and figure out how to link this.

jayna said...

ooohhh! i would LOVE one!! pick me! pick me! lol. i even put a thingy on my blog. i actually updated my blog and then almost FORGOT to post a comment on here. lol. love this....

Andrea said...

Nothing like waiting until the last minute?! Love it, want it, hope I win, but I never do...but oh well!

Great fun meeting you the other day! I'm so glad it worked out.

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