Sunday, November 23, 2008

confessions of a church ditcher.

welcome to another chapter to confessions of a church ditcher.

i'm ditching today with 2 kiddies. Hope and Pierce.

Pierce who's had a snotty nose and some wicked allergy induced diarrhea . he's totally allergic to Oranges and tangerines. BUT LOVES THEM. so he's had days worth of NASTY diapers. he's not my first kid that does this. can't wait until he's potty trained and i don't have to deal with his food reactions.

why not limit the oranges? i try. but when he loves something that much. well it's hard. plus there is the self serve factor. short of locking them in a locked container the kid will get them, that and it's not too hard to acquire some off the tree out front.

and Hope couldn't find her shoes. she was ready. bow in hair. dressed. cute.

shoes missing.

she earned a free day home. since we were already ditching. and there wasn't time to hunt.

and why am i ditching? I've got Pink eye! delightful. add that to my wicked head cold and I'm not eager to go share the wonder.

REALLY, it's a selfless act, staying home to spare all of my friends and neighbors from the pink eye and cold.

so what am i doing with my "free Sunday"

i'd like to be resting but i need to be cleaning up the hell hole that is my house.

so cleaning wins. (after i post of course)

which i hate.

but then again i hate cleaning when i feel good too.

there's always something else I'd rather be doing.

but I've had enough. and it's gotten way out of hand.

i need to buckle down and quit wasting time reading and blogging and facebooking.

and just clean clean clean.

i don't know how people do that all the time.

do they have a never ending supply of energy? OCD? anxiety disorders brought on by clutter? mean husbands that insist on spotless houses?? incredibly well trained children that never make messes ? Maids that come in weekly? no other hobbies or interests?

that is SO NOT ME! i wonder if there is something i could take that would turn me into a neat freak. i wish i was one. but i fear the laid back housekeeping keeps me sane.

i'd go postal every day if i tried to keep a spotless house. i'd be no fun. a screaming meanie. drill Sargeant mom! it's true. or that's what i tell myself anyway.

no it's totally true. if my house is CLEAN, you can't eat here, no toys, no playing, no fun! no living. it's LAME.

Lance has the next 3 days off,in addition to the holiday. he has 3 weeks of paid time off, he hasn't taken yet this year. he struggles to find balance and take time off.

i have ideas of what should go on here with time off.

i'm thinking it's time to mount the wheel of death in a permanent place in the yard with a cement slab. and i'd love to repaint it.

we'll see though.

i have a feeling he'll be relaxing alot. and sleeping in and napping.

when I'd like some assistance doing the stuff i never manage to get done alone. I'd really love it if he'd keep the kids occupied while i finish stripping wallpaper in the hall bathroom so i can redecorate.

if i get the house clean today by myself, maybe he'll help me get some projects done. with his time off.

i can dream.

i anticipate conflict and disappointment.

i'm sure you'll hear how it goes. unless he holds my computer hostage playing lame games all day. because he can't go in the office with his time off or he works. it's a compulsion!

maybe we'll go do something fun.

but i doubt it. i can safely assume he's sleeping in every day. napping and reading non stop. and not going to bed at a decent hour. while he stays up all night reading or playing games .

and that will be ok too. he deserves a break.

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Micah and Jen said...

as I was reading this I was longing for some "real" oranges....once you have the real thing you can't buy the yucky stuff from the stores that we get up here. nothing wrong with a little church ditching...I did it for 2 months straight! And cleaning....I'm totally OCD! It's not good! Sometimes it completely takes over and then I seem like a mad woman till it's all clean! Have a good rest of the Sunday! Oh, Micah has 2 weeks off at Christmas....we are finishing our remodel! YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

sherry said...

When my husband has time off of work and we are not out of town on vacation, it means I get a break. It means he wakes up with the baby, he takes the kids out of the house when I am sick of them, he does the dishes, etc. Of course that is just when he has a day or two. If he had a week or more, I am sure we would both get turns to sleep in, etc. I am envious of your husband's time off.

michelle said...

I hope everyone gets to feeling better over there. Pink eye sure isn't fun!

devri said...

Umm- stay away.... (nicely)

My husband has no job, fun huh, almost fun as telling kids there is no Santa...

Clean house, yes, that is me, why, I am a freak, but only clean morning and night, and just pick up after everything. I am a freak, nice husband, wierd wife.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Mamarazzi said...

i am seriously the opposite. i am the mean mom when the house is a mess. fun mom when it's clean. my family figured that out a while ago and now my house is always relatively clean. win/win.

mmmm want and orange...even the idea of a kids poopy diaper hasn't taken the yum out of that idea.

tammy said...

I know what you mean about needing to just take a break from the blogging life and get other stuff done. I've been trying to do better. But then my reader gets too full and I stress and panic. I should just not even open it up, then I wouldn't know. I am not a nice mom/wife when my house is a disaster. It makes me a total grumpy yelling nag. Don't you have bunko in Jan? Maybe you can convice Lance he needs to get some projects done before we invade your house. Because that always works in my house (NOT!).

Jenifer said...

Pink eye! Yeesh! What a bummer. Poor Pierce and his bum.
I ditched Sunday School and came home and napped and then i went back heeheehee. Church at eight is so tiring!

Jen said...

I hope you feel better soon! I am with Tam, tell Lance he needs to do some stuff before Bunko! (although that rarely works for me either!).

onehm said...

OH bummer lady! HOpe that you get feeling better soon and that Lance's time off proves fruitful for you...

Phelps Phamily said...

This post cracked me up! Lance you do deserve a break. How nice to have time off. Make sure you let Julie get a nap here and there as well. I look forward to seeing you all Thursday.

Leslie said...

Jeremy ended up ditching today because I didnt wash his shirt. But he kept the baby so at least I got a break at church from him. But I am glad I went. It's always when I dread it the most that I get the most out of it.

I cleaned and mopped yesterday and today I am wondering why. You can't tell. It looks like a hurricane hit. We had cousins over last night and tonight. 5 kids is bad enough but when you add on 5 more. I can't do it!! I wish I had trained my kids but I am afraid it is to late. So just know, you arn't alone and if you ever want to feel better about your house, just come over to mine.

I hope you feel better soon!!

goingsome said...

Oh, I hear ya. I have 2 kids and I can't keep up. I have just resided myself to live REAL, even though that means I live in a messy house with a little dirt. Oh well, that's how we roll here. REAL and MESSY. Oh well. I have tried the Drill Seargant Mom and it didn't work for me, it just caused stress for everyone.

Ruthie Girl said...

Weird, I just got pink-eye, too! I had to wear my lame glasses in all my Twilight pictures!

Enjoy the time together.

(I still dream of a maid.)

Janna said...

I ditched tooo, but was sick

sherry said...

Just for clarification- missing church because you have a highly contagious disease is not considered ditching. It is what we call an "excused absence". I will even write you a note;)

Andrea said...

Oh eye! OUCH! Hope you're feeling better!!!

We've had the frantic shoe hunt as we're going out the door for church and being super late on top of it all! I don't blame you for ditching!

Hope you're able to get at least a couple of your projects done in this next month!

crystal said...

Clutter gives me anxiety. I have to clean up at night. I make everyone pick up their crap before bed. I'm mean and they hate me at night. Tough.

I came home tonight after girls' night out and there were clothes all over the #$%&*! bathroom floor...I'm fighting the urge to go pick it up. They're doing it before school. They'll hate it. Tough sh*t.

Your house sounds like more fun!

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