Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grandma's Christmas party 2008

Tonight was my mom's annual christmas party. (we do it early to avoid conflicts closer to Christmas, plus it starts the season off right)

we had dinner.

and sang some songs until SANTA came!

everyone is ALWAYS excited he is there.

Joy especially.

anyway. everyone got a turn to sit on Santa's lap if they wanted to.


Peyton, age 10


Liberty age 9


Paxton age 7 + 11 months.


Joy age 6


Hope age 4


Pierce (age 2) was leary of Santa.

happy enough to say hi. but sitting on his lap? HECK NO!


even i sat on Santa's lap. for the blog.
but took the picture off since i just can't handle posting one of me.

(can i just say I'm hating myself in pictures these days. HATING THEM.)

Then we had the family talent show, which was slim pickings, with only one family prepared to share a talent.

BUT , not just one, but TWO of my kids volunteered to burp for their talent.

yes it was a proud moment.

Joy said she could burp 20 times in a row .

and Peyton said he could burp REALLY LOUD (but he needed soda to perform)

and grandma kind of shot that idea down. since it wasn't a polite or holiday themed talent. she did say if they learned to burp a christmas tune they could totally do it . so apparently we need to practice that. for next year.

Joy and Liberty did get up and sing "Santa baby" (a song from their singing group)

but my camera didn't record it, when i thought it was. BUMMER.

you'll have to wait until their singing group performance.

then grandma handed out her christmas presents to everyone.

we are all now on the "cutting edge"

this is the journal part for my future reference- skip to the questions.

she gave pocket knives to all the boys,

and the girls all got enameled handled Gingher scissors.

the men got 10" knife edge bent trimmers?( apparently they are great for cutting leather? )

and the mom's got embroidery scissors.

that matched one of our daughters.

mine have red,white and blue flag printed handles that matched Liberty's big sewing shears.

and Joy got flowered ones. Hope's were just plain. so we know whose is whose.

i need to confiscate the boys knives. Peyton already cut his finger cutting a grape fruit out front.

and i'm hoarding the girls scissors. so the don't ruin them cutting paper.

then we sang more songs. and the kids played for a little bit.

we looked at some christmas lights on the way home.
(it's one of our traditions to drive around and look at christmas lights every night) we love really nicely done lights and really tacky ones.


what are some of your family holiday traditions?

christmas lights? what are your favorite kind to see?

if you were going to do a talent at a party what would you or your family do?

do you sit on Santa's lap when given the chance?

how many christmas parties have you been to so far? we've been to 2 already since thanksgiving :)

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julie said...

What a great tradition! Too funny about the talent show. Totally would be something my brothers would do growing up. The burping that is.... It's something they will always and have remembered. Your kids too. Have a great week!!

Lainie said...

That santa is my neighbor! When we first moved in and the kids saw him they were soooo confused. You know he only wears red shirts? Anyway they were looking for reindeer in his garage and backyard! He's a great guy!

SuperCoolMom said...

Awesome party! The pic of Pierce is great with the border!

bob marley & lucy liu said...

Holy Christmas! You guys are ON IT! I wont' go to a Christmas party 'til Paul & Lisa's on the 24th! I'm jealous!

Love the burp talent!

andrea said...

Sheesh....that looks fun! What an awesome Santa. We really have no huge traditions that are standing out in my mind. We usually go out to see Christmas lights once during the season, but the kids get bored with it quickly. I do want to go see the Temple lights this year, it's been a while since we've gone. I usually put it off, and then it turns freezing cold so I no longer want to suffer through it!

Our family would have no talent to sad! I do sit on Santa's lap now with my kids. I was scared of him as a child though.

And o Christmas parties in the plans....oh, except for the ward one! My family never has one, and hubby's family's got postponed to New Years lame!

I'm glad you took Hope's scissors away....she might have tried to ct her hair again! ;)

Threeundertwo said...

Wow! You know Santa? He looks so relaxed but I know he must be busy this time of year.

The burping talent is cracking me up. Maybe you could build a whole talent show around it.

Micah and Jen said...

Wow that is the BEST Santa I have ever seen!!! Love all the pictures! :) Gabe wouldn't sit on santa's lap no santa pics for him! We had my mom's party on Saturday and I have two this coming the next week and one the week after far! :) i love the holidays!!!

Leslie said...

Sounds like a fun party!! We havnt had a party yet, but will have had 4 before Christmas. And we might have a talent part at my Moms Christmas Eve Party. Since she teaches my kids piano and ONLY my kids, We thought this would be a great opportunity for there Recital. She also teaches other grandkids Violin, her specialty, so we may have a musical Christmas eve. Oh and she gives them all the GrandKids, Matching PJ's.

Vidal's Nest said...

What a fun party! Poor pierce! I bet he doesn't like clowns either! Creepy.

ZB said...

That's the way to do it. Get it over and start things off right. I love all those Santa pictures. I wouldn't sit on Santa's lap either.

Janna said...

It looks like you had a good time!

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