Wednesday, December 10, 2008

confessions, discussions and somebody stole my voice.

confession...i yell too much.

i lost my voice. today i woke up and it was pretty much gone. i can talk but no one at my house can hear me. because i can't yell. even lance directly in front of me, can't understand what i'm saying.

it's my own fault my voice is gone. i have a dry hacky cough (think barking seal, or smokers cough)

whenever i have a cough it sounds like that. always has, always will. SO my hacky cough doesn't do anything , but i keep coughing because there is a tickle in the back of my throat.

SO i started in with the dry hacky cough monday. no, i take that back it was there sunday. hacked sunday and monday. and monday night getting ready for company. cleaning the house(think mad rush to stash and dash) and decorating the tree and whatnot.

people were playing around. sitting on the computer and playing with the nativity on the stairs instead of setting it up on the dang table. no one was listening. lance was working instead of helping. so i started yellling. because that's what people hear. and finally listen.

i yelled too much. and now, my voice? it's gone.

so NOW no one can hear me.

this is what happened today : (a reenactment)

ME: kids come have lunch. (yelling but not louder than a normal voice still hurts. and no one can hear)

ME:( try again) hey LUNCH TIME. (dead silence they heard nothing)

ME:RAMEN! come get some ramen! (i thought it would sooth my throat and let's face it , it's all about me)
still nothing.

finally i went all the way downstairs where they were watching tv.

ME:"come get some food!"

kids: What? what did you say? we are watching TV."

ME: RAmen! COME EAT NOW! still no louder than a normal voice.

kids: still ignored me.

finally Lance came by and i told him up close in his face since he's deaf and can't hear me on a good day. to tell them to come eat their ramen.


finally they came running.

SERIOUSLY!?! no wonder i yell.

so i have a croaky weak voice. and it hurts. because i strained it.

if i'm not careful i'll loose even that. and then what will i do?

i need a blow horn. or maybe a loud speaker.

can you imagine the announcements i could make?

attention family members, clean up on aisle 3. clean up on aisle 3. clean up the shoes, clean up the backpacks.

attention passengers make sure all belongings are stowed in the upright and locked position.

attention children dinner is being served in the kitchen. take it or leave it.

come to think of it i think i want a loudspeaker for christmas.

it's going on the list...

now for the QUESTIONS~!

so are you a yeller?

ever lost your voice?

do you have a normal sounding cough or have people always mentioned that you need to quit smoking? who brought the barking seal?

if you had a loudspeaker at your house what would you announce on it?

anything odd on your christmas list?

RAMEN flavor? which is better? chicken or beef?

(i like Beef, but my kids think they prefer chicken)

have a fab day!

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crystal said...


crystal said...

In your disclaimer, "whore" & "soar" rhyme. Wow. You totally wrote a poem using the word "whore."

Gotta admire poetic skill such as that.

devri said...

Can't lie, yes I yell.

Yes, I have lost my voice, sucks!!

I heart me a creamy chicken..

Beef? I guess we're not twins after all..


Rach =o) said...

Beef all the way! Unfortunately for my kidlets, I dont lose my voice. =o) Hope you get your yeller back quick! Every mom needs her yeller working.

Becky said...

I know I yell. I think most people do. At least the normal ones. What drives me crazy is how my husband doesn't hear what I say or bother to remember it. Example: I told him a week ago I was going to take the kids on a trip in January. When I mentioned it again a few days ago he acted as though I had never said anything. This type of thing happens a lot. Makes me feel really important to him.

Lori Nielsen said...

I too am a yeller. My voice gets lost about once a month. I too getting that nasty barking cough. In JR. a teacher told me I should stop smoking! HELLO!
LOVE ramen. Usually beef flav is best. I like to cut hard bolied egg in mine and eat it with lots of saltines.

Ali Hawkins said...

I am a yeller. You have to be with a lot of kids. If I had a loud speaker I would use it to get the kids up to get ready for school that way I wouldn't have to get out of bed to go tell them all, and I could rest at least for 30 more min. I don't think any of the ramen flavors taste different. That is my kids favorite meal chase always makes it for them on Sunday and he adds vinegar (weird) The kids love it and they call it Daddys special noodles.

Ruthie Girl said...

I am a yeller. It seems I only yell at my son because if he is watching TV, truly nothing else exists.


Janan said...

Julie, my voice is gone too! It just up and left on Sunday morning. It is still gone and my dry smokers cough has turned into a flemy cough this morning! So, here is hoping your missing voice is from yelling and it won't progress into my flemy chest infection!!

Ramen . . . CHICKEN FLAVORED is my favorite!! Yummy!!

Amy said...

I yell often. I don't think my kids would hear my regular voice anyway. I truly believe that their ears are broken.

I haven't lost my voice for a while. It sucks when it happens though.

I would announce "I want this place to shine like the top of the chrysler building" over and over again until they couldn't stand it anymore and actually went and cleaned their messes up.

Fortunately, there is nothing too odd on my Christmas list. I hate having to hunt down hard to find things.

As for the Ramen noodles, I prefer the oriental flavor. Its yummy. The rest of the yahoo's around here like beef though. But I do the shopping so I get what I like. Sucks to be them!

Laurie M. said...

I yell too! It's the only way to be heard!

onehm said...

I am a yeller!!! :)
I totally want a loudspeaker...WHAT FUN!!!
Nothing is on my Christmas list...DH and I aren't exchanging again this year. :(
But if I did have a list, I want a new desk chair.

Leslie said...

Yep I yell!! It's not something I am too proud of but I do. Way too much!

Don't typicaly loose my voice but sometimes yell so loud it hurts for a few minutes.

And I love Chicken, Beef not so much!!

KATE said...

Yes I yell, and yes my kids only hear yells. It's sad, but that is the truth! I yell way too much, but honestly I can't figure out how to get them to listen until I raise my voice!

My announcement with the loud speaker would be the same one I use daily without it

Webb Family said...

Yes I'm a yeller!
I really don't think there is anyhting wrong with it. Is that bad?
I lose my voice pretty much every winter.

The Muller Gang said...

Yes I am a yeller - the prozac helps eliviate it a little - LOL!!! I lost my voice 2 weeks ago just all of a sudden for 2 days.


RAMEN flavor? CHICKEN - Yum! My sons new thing is eating the Ramen not cooked broken up with the flavoring on it like chips.

Have a great night!

goingsome said...

Of course. I am a yeller.I swear the kids only hear in loud decibles. My husband used to say, "Shh, the neighbors will hear you". He has since given up that notion and I really don't care if the neighbors hear me.

Haven't lost my voice yet. I think I would adopt a bull horn, though.

My loudspeaker annoucement would be, "clean your room and please get dressed"

SuperCoolMom said...


tammy said...

Does this mean no yelling bunko tomorrow?

I am a yeller. And I hurt my voice once to know it's prone to hurt a lot when I yell. I need to get better at not yelling.

Hmmm...I could do either flavor on the Ramen. My MIL buys the weird ones like pork, oriental, etc. so Connor eats that over there and I kind of think he doesn't like the chicken as much now. But he also will eat fried shrimp but not chicken nuggets. Go figure.

Andrea said...

Mmmm chicken ramen! We have that ALL the time, esp after church! Easy lunches on the weekend!

I am a yeller too. Hate it, but it's what works. I would LOVE a loud speaker or intercom system. I would blast "DINNER!!!" then "WE'RE ABOUT TO PRAY...TURN OFF THAT TV!" or "HOMEWORK DO YOUR HOMEWORK!" I could be EVERYWHERE with a touch of a button. Wouldn't that be cool & kinda creepy?! haha

Hope you're feeling better!

msangelfish said...

I wasn't a yeller until I had a boy. Grant would just run in the street (or in any direction for that matter) with no warning. He's one of those jump before you look kind of have to yell! I haven't lost my voice, though. I hate chicken flavored Ramen and I like Beef, but my favorite is Shrimp! (I know, gross right?)

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