Tuesday, December 30, 2008

more fun than an average day at our house- grass sledding and riding the light rail!

super fun adventures today.

we went grass surfing/sledding for my nephew's birthday non-party.

my brother posted a video of it here.

gotta love all the fun to be had with cousins.
Hope was there too!

Pierce had no fear, and liked to go to the top of a hill to ride down on his skateboard. there was a LARGE pack of cousins at Free stone Park for this.
it's as close as we get to sledding here in town.

Liberty figured out how to go backwards.
of course she had to hold onto her box on the way down.
here is Joy in her "Hamster wheel."
(that's what she said it was, and she'd crawl in it to go places)
she had her cousin Aidan in there with her for awhile too.

Peyton helped round up Pierce. when it was time to go. it was super fun.

then we headed over to ride the new light rail.

it's free this week while it's still brand new. so we took the hoodlums and rode it to Tempe beach park and back. OH LA LA! it was an adventure to say the least.

there were 11 kids between 3 adults. my sister and her kids joined us for the fun, and she took pictures of the adventures.

OH look i was actually there,
it's coming, i see it!
we rode from Sycamore and Main
Mill ave. and Third.
we walked over to Tempe beach park where they are getting ready for the Fiesta Bowl block party festivities.
and the kids played at the dry splash playground.

and we used one of the many porta potties.
hey no lines yet either! we took a group shot of the herd...

and everyone climbed this rock mountain
while i took Hope back because she didn't have a turn in the porta potty yet.

then we headed back to Mill
and waited for a ride back to Mesa
we sat in the front of the train this time.
well sat isn't really accurate,
since we were packed in like sardines.
of course Janie was snagging candid shots of us from her standing spot.
always attractive.
yeah i even got to hold pierce while riding standing up. FUN!

after a few stops people cleared out and Kody and Liberty got a seat.
while Joy stood by the door to the driver.
and i casually yelled at them from where i was for doing and saying annoying things.
i'm sure people were glad when we finally got off.

after all that fun, i went and did some bunko shopping tonight. i'm super excited about bunko this Friday with the wild group!

it's at my house but so far i'm feeling pretty relaxed about it.


and i came home to Lance making bread dough, and doughnut batter in his new food processor.

and we learned an important lesson about Kohls. they are over priced. yeah a Food network bread pan cost 23.99 regular retail. 19.99 on sale.

i'm sorry?

did you just hear "BEND OVER!" too?

that wasn't happening.

and when i went to ROSS, i got a Cuisinart professional bread pan for the low low price of $6.99.

hmmm which would you think i'd buy?

remember the jingle? " do you love it? i love it! i got it at ROSS! "

can't wait to see how the bread turns out. Lance is feeling very domestic.

maybe he'll start cooking all of our bread.

that would be rad except i'd gain a ton of weight!

who can resist fresh bread? not me. purchased bread i resist all the time. i never eat it. but home made bread? i'll be packing on the lbs. NOT CUTE.

on second thought maybe we'll limit the homemade bread making . i can't afford to gain more weight.

so that's all the fun we had today.

way more fun than an average day at our house.



Andrea said...

WOW Sounds like a FUN-filled DAY!!! Lots going on! LOVE all the pictures!!! Oh my gosh! Pierce looks so grown up in the pic where he's holding the skateboard. Looks like a little *skater dude*! HAHAHA

PERFECT DAY for being outdoors!

Lightrail sounds cool.

Oh and I love Kohl's but most things are overpriced, so I look on the clearance racks (for kid clothes anyway). Their girl stuff is really cute.

tammy said...

When UT's train opened it was packed too. We rode it down to Temple Square to look at the Christmas lights and had to stand for most of the way. Not fun. Now when we go up there the boys always want to ride it. At least we can sit now. I haven't even told them ours is open here because I don't want them wanting to ride it.

I hardly evey shop at Kohl's. I'd much rather hit Target or Ross. Yay for homemade bread.

Becky said...

Sounds like a very fun day! I have been thinking of taking the kids on the light rail train. Guess today is the day if I want to do it on the cheap. Bring some of that bread over here if you need help eating it!

Suzanne said...

Sometimes Kohls has good deals, I hit the clearance racks, only for the clothes though, There shoes are VERY over priced.
LOVE homemade bread but I rarely make it.
You guys look like you had a fun day, we spent the whole day at the park yesterday, that's why we live here right, because the weather is so nice.
I don't think we will try out the lightrail, we have been on the one in Utah, it's fun but not when it's crowded.

andrea said...

Look at that weather....kids in short sleeves AND shorts....no fair. Although it might make it to 40 degrees here today, which will be nice, maybe I can scrape the sheets of ice of the driveway! :)

Homemade bread....yum! Try as I may though, I have not figured out how to make it really light and yummy. I'm a bread-making failure so far. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.

As for Kohls. Yes, usually overpriced. The clearance racks are sometimes a good deal, I can't usually find anything cute by the time I get there. I can find good deals on men's dress shoes though, and since that's what my hubby wears 6 out of 7 days, we have to keep stocked up!

Sweet Notations said...

Kohl's kitchen stuff way overpriced,but lately I have snagged deals on the clearence rack, I got the cutest wrap dress only $8 and a really cute skirt for $4. I noticed last night alot on clearance but give it a week or 2 and all their stuff will even be cheaper!!

SuperCoolMom said...

Really fun day! Thanks for inviting us!

Kimm said...

Rode the light rail into Phoenix today (3rd street and Washington). NOt too bad on the way out, on the way back in WAY TOO CROWDED! Kyle fell asleep squatting down beside me next to the door. The kids had fun though.

Kohl's is like Mervyns, never buy anything unless it is on sale! I can usually get deals on clothes for Bob, and every so often a pair of shoes for me or clearance rack clothes!

Have a great New Year!


lindsey said...

sledding and a train ride!! what a fun day!

Mrs. Fun said...

i am beginning to think that we are the only family that didn't get a chance to ride it for free. i wanted to and after seeing these photos i really wish had.

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