Tuesday, December 30, 2008

would you rather...?

i've been hearing the kids play this in the car. would you rather..._____ or ________?

and since i have nothing spectacular to blog about today, that is the name of the game!

would you rather...

1.be the super hero or the sidekick?

2.marry for love? or money?

3. drink regular? or diet?

4. pee your pants every time you turn around? or deal with infertility?

5.do laundry? or wash dishes?

6. clean up barf? or clean up poop?

7. have every material want fulfilled? or have happiness and nothing else?

8.play monopoly? or Yahtzee?

9. go to the movie theater? or watch it at home?

10. be really intelligent but socially retarded? or really popular and super dumb?

ok now you fill in what you'd rather have/do. feel free to just # them. and you can expound on your answers or not. either way. it'll be fun!

everyone is welcome to play, and even anonymous people can play too!

everyone has an opinion so share it!

i'll post my answers here.

1. sidekick



4.pee my pants



7. material needs!
(yes i'm incredibly shallow, if you didn't get that already from answer # 2, DUH!) really i want both. and happiness is probably what i'd really prefer.


9. theater

10. socially retarded. again i'd like something in the middle. but if i had to pick, social skills can be taught, stupidity lasts forever. and popularity doesn't. so i pick intelligent and socially retarded.

ok now, leave your answer in the comments.



Melissa said...

Ironically, I have a post up with the same title...what are the chances? :)

Sidekick - less pressure..someone else gets to make the big mistakes and I just stand there pointing fingers :)

Marry for love - hopefully money will come later...it did for us, we were very lucky.

Diet - but I'm not happy about it;)

Infertility - been there, done that

Laundry or dishes - neither one bother me, now cleaning the bathroom I'll pass on

Poop - so much easier than barf...and little chance of me barfing on poop

Ok, you've stumped me on #7. I would think happiness but I'm pretty materialistic so I don't know if that's really true

Yahtzee - reminds me of my grandparents

Watch it at home - then I don't have to deal with sticky floors or big heads in my way

LOL! I think I'm already socially retarded, so I'm not sure how to answer this one!!

Good questions.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

1.be the super hero or the sidekick? SUPERHERO - I love to be the one in the spotlight!!

2.marry for love? or money? Already have it for love so SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

3. drink regular? or diet? DIET COKE ALL THE WAY!!

4. pee your pants every time you turn around? or deal with infertility? infertility - John is adopted so we could have easily gone that route

5.do laundry? or wash dishes? Dishes - love the warm water!

6. clean up barf? or clean up poop? poop cuz you can wait til it hardens and then it's just like picking up a big tootsie roll!

7. have every material want fulfilled? or have happiness and nothing else? PRADA is a material good so SHOW ME THE STUFF!!

8.play monopoly? or Yahtzee? Monopoly - its more fun for the competitive person that lives inside me

9. go to the movie theater? or watch it at home? Theatre - they have SNO CAPS!!

10. be really intelligent but socially retarded? or really popular and super dumb? Intelligent cuz then I'd figure out how to be socially accepted!! Although I'm already smart and social so this is a non-question!!

Hallie :)

tammy said...

Connor got that game for Christmas. I'm too tired from answering all his questions to answer yours : )


Side kick. No need to be front and center and besides sidekicks have more fun!

Love. I think I have a little toomuch of the hopeless romantic in me:)


Pee my pants. I do deal with infertility.

Dishes they are over and done with a lot quicker

Some where in the middle would be nice!


Depends on my mood!

Hard one?I don't know they both have their advantages:)

So fun:)

Becky said...

My kids play this game too, but it is usually would you rather EAT ___ or ___. And it is gross stuff. As for me, I just laugh at them and enjoy listening to their craziness.

Leslie said...


1. Superhero

2. Money, because you can always work on the Love. Obviously I did the opposite!!

3. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

4. Pee my pants!!

5. If I married for Money then I would have a maid, right? Oh wait I didn't, soooo... DISHES they get done alot faster.

6. POOP!!

7. Once again, why can't we have both, but what would be the purpose of material things if we weren't Happy. So I would say HAPPINESS. But I would still like to keep my clothes for when I go out in public...I might scare a few people if I had NOTHING else :o)

8. Yahtzee...its shorter

9. Home!!!

10. Socially Retarded...that wasn't hard since that is what I am.

Suzanne said...

OK, let's see,
1.Super Hero of course
2. Defentily love, but money would help.
3 Regular, diet is NASTY
4. Pee my pants, that's what they have depends for right?
5. Dishes, they get done faster.
6. barf, I have done that too many times to count.
7. Wouldn't having every material want fulfilled equal happiness? but I do like being loved by my hubby.
8. I like monopoly
9. I use to stay home and watch movies but the harkins theaters have Dr. Pepper AND carmel flavoring to sprinkle on the popcorn so now I like to go there.
10. Intelligent, dumb doesn't get you very far.
That was fun!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Those are great questions and hard!!! Although they shouldn't be...

1. super hero...

2. love

3. regular especially since they're proving that diet still triggers the same effects in your body as regular so the body still thinks that it needs to burn the sugar and turns it into fat... I'll take taste... :)

4. I guess pee cause at least you can wear panty liners or something... Infertility sucks and is depressing... did that for about 4 years!!!

5. Probably laundry although I'd prefer neither.

6. Clean up NEITHER!!! They're both nasty... if I really had to choose it would be poo as long as it wasn't diareha (spelling?).

7. Have happiness

8. yahtzee

9. I love the movie theater however if I had to take kids then i'd just watch it at home!

10. intelligent

Supercool Hotmama said...

too tired to play. Thanks for the fun day! Super hero, pee, regular, money, dishes, yahtzee, theatre, poop, smart, and if I had the chance I'd like to give the frickin' money a try for once.

Jenifer said...

-Love, money would be a nice bonus:)
-Pee my pants. Adult diapers and baby diapers.
-I don't mind doing laundry. Or the dishes. But i hate putting both of them away:)
-I did a poll. We all agreed poop is easier. Something about the vomit smell that induces vomiting.
-Hmmmm I guess that would take a lot of deep thought.
-Movie theater. nate hates to go, so I watch a lot at home.
-socially retarded.

Messy Jess said...


sidekick - more time off

definetly love - I can always make money

Regular - diet is yelch!

pee my pants - I love being pregnant

laundry I hate dishes with a passion


happiness if I'm happy than I don't want anything?

monopoly -competetion is so much fun

movie theater - get out of the house

super dumb! I love being around people

lindsey said...

here goes...

#1 superhero~ i like attention

#2 ummm....pass

#3 regular

#4 pee my pants...wait i already do that

#5 dishes

#6 poop...it is an all day event here

#7 materials

#8 monopoly, never played the other

#9 movie theatre

#10 don't know

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