Friday, January 16, 2009

fabulous friday nights!

tonight Joy was on the computer, and i had been bugging her to get off. she finally must have gotten tired, so she comes in, and talks in my face (she's a close talker) and said she was going to go watch tv. so as she's walking away i told her to go shut down her program on my computer.

she said, "oh you can do it it's easy. i'll show you how."

and i said ,NO that is part of playing you have to exit your game.

she said, "What? is that too much for you?"


earlier tonight we went to costco. for standard supplies. and after shopping we got pizza for dinner, and the kids wanted ice cream.

the ice cream bars are their fave.

well they discontinued them.

JOY was rather upset.

the girl that works there was cleaning, getting ready to close for the night. Joy had to ask her why they discontinued the beloved chocolate bars.

the girl tried to explain it a couple different ways ,she finally resorted to using the word expensive, and Joy let it go.


tonight we had a hot night out with the 3 youngest kids. the others were at a boys spend the night.and having one on one time with Grandma.

i finished the night off by sweeping and mopping!

it doesn't get any better than that!


have a fabulous weekend!

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