Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it's raining spaghetti from the ceiling

Are you kidding me?

i had to go pick up prescriptions tonight for kids. i'm finally picking up Pierce's Zantac, and needed Liberty's antibiotics. so i head to CVS leaving Liberty and Peyton babysitting the terror.

i go. shell out 70 bucks . and then go get beverages to tide me over for the evening.

i walk in and HOLY CRAP! i found Pierce had been throwing wet spaghetti noodles in the air. on the ceiling, the counters and all over the kitchen floor.


i'm handing out beverages, and both Peyton and Liberty look at me dumbfounded when i asked how that happened.

and then they both left me to clean it up.



Pierce is full of it today.

we are having a grand time with only half of our family home.

and i'm enjoying the silence.

if only Pierce was less active. and sweeter.

Liberty now says she has an ear ache too. glad she's already taking antibiotics. it will take care of that too. yay.

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Jen said...

LOL! I love the "what?" looks that we all get. Corbin did that tonight as he is getting out of the shower I notice water all over the ceiling, hello he is 8! And then was like "What?! I didn't do anything! It magically appeared!" Then I noticed later the water in the garbage can and on the sink, the little turd!

Melissa said...

Holy cow! Wet noodles on the wall was how my Aunt used to know the noodles were done..maybe that's what the kids were trying to do.

tammy said...

I don't know which is worse, shelling out $70 for meds or noodles on the ceiling!

Jenn said...

You should have snapped a picture.

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