Saturday, February 21, 2009

a few randoms running around my mind.

1. i just realized that i've been thinking we will celebrate our 13 year anniversary this April. but really i think it's only 12 years. pathetically i gave us an extra year somewhere .

2. I'm considering telling my cancer saga. I've done bits and pieces here and there. but sometimes i think i need to retell my story all at once or in segments . just to have it all in one place. before my memory fails me on that too and i can't recall the details. it's almost been 8 years since i found the lump on my neck that led to that adventure.

3. i hate Sundays. SUPER DUPER HATE SUNDAYS. because i don't have anything decent to wear. hate it.

confession- i wore a dress to church a few weeks ago that i consider a house dress(it's not but i don't consider it church worthy, but i was having casual sunday that day) . i got loads of compliments on it. seriously sometimes i wonder if people are being sincere, or if they are just glad i showed up and are trying to keep me coming for more compliments. it wasn't a fabulous look by any means.
or maybe that's just my own insecurity not letting me graciously accept a compliment.

4. we went out tonight, and i talked Lance into going to the mall with me to find a new Sunday dress. the one i like was $100 bucks. and really it wasn't that spectacular and i didn't try it on, and it didn't scream my style. it was Cute but not full price fabulous anyway. so we hit another store. 2 were so short they looked like long shirts on me. cute with jeans and yet NOT cute as a dress on me. and the other one? looked like stuffed sausage. it was the right size but TOTALLY NOT FLATTERING. UGH. So i bought nothing. and i'm back to hating the thought of Sunday.

5. we hit walgreens on the way home to buy candy for the kids (treat for babysitting) and i saw my friend that used to work the pharmacy drive thru. i saw her on a regular basis driving thru to pick up prescriptions. we are friends , walgreens friends. she even recognizes me outside my car.
we chat and she's always happy to see me. Lance didn't know we were friends. i fill at CVS now.but she's still my friend when we go in and buy candy now.

she's like the walmart cashier and stocker friends i have. or my sonic drive thru peeps. friends that recognize me. smile , say hi. people that see me more often than my in laws. and probably like me more.

i am so popular. ;)

i wonder, am i the only person that has these store friends? cashiers, drive thru people, night stockers.

they seek me out almost to say hi. even the guys.

i know it's because i'm SO HOT.

hee hee! did you giggle? i totally giggled out loud at that one.

sometimes i kill myself.


hope you had a rad Saturday. and have a FABULOUS SUNDAY.

DREAD, grumble, groan!

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devri said...

I have nothing to wear either. NOne of my clothes fit me since I lost weight. argh!
But I do love me a Sunday.

Yep, your the only rad one with your shopping peeps! you luck girl!

tammy said...

I feel like I need lots of fabulous Sunday clothes because I'm up there playing the organ where everyone can see me. Which is stupid because I actually had someone in my ward just ask me what my calling was, so obviously some people don't even pay attention to who's playing the organ/piano. But I still feel the need to look cute.

Cecily R said...

I'm the same way about sundays. It's dumb how much it stresses me out.

And no, I don't have shopping peeps. I am not that cool. Or RAD.

Janeen Romney said...

O.K. I totally remember you wearing that cute dress to church a few Sundays ago. And I remember telling you that you looked cute that day. Mine was a sincere compliment (I don't give insincere ones.) I say accept them all as sincere ones! I hate trying to find something to wear on Sunday, too.

Becky said...

It is hard to find a good Sunday dress for a wallet-friendly price. So annoying.

Supercool Hotmama said...

I guess I'm not a regular enough shopper to make friends. (Except my Hostess store friend who always recognizes me, or the Walmart Cutting table lady who also is a crossing guard at the HS, and my bank drive-through friend, and I guess there's a couple of people at Albertson's who used to be pals.) Ummmm. Never mind.

I'm popular too!

Supercool Hotmama said...

It must be hereditary. I think we learned to chat it up with strangers from Mom.

Janna said...

I understand the whole dress thing, I relate and feel your pain.

Kayci Ayers said...

I usually change my clothes three or four times every Sunday morning. I NEVER like what I'm wearing- AND I'm the QUEEN of wardrobe malfunctions at church. The librarians see me coming and have the stapler ready and waiting.
As far as Store Friends go, I think the greeters at WalMart know me better than my neighbors!

Jenifer said...

I keep thinking I've been married 14 years, but it is only 13. We've been together 14, so who cares, right?
I hate Sunday clothes. Every week I dread getting dressed.
I was friends with my pharmacist for a while, luckily they are starting to forget me :)

Ruthie Girl said...

OK, OK, ok. I have to speak up especially since I have seen the "house dress". When I lounge at the house, I wear big baggy pj pants and a gigantic sweatshirt so I don't have to wear a bra. I do not wear a cute little trendy summer dress. I repeat. Nothing. cute.

I think I was surprised that someone wears cute lounge wear. I thought it was an oxymoron.

The dress is cute. It may not be as fancy as somethings you are used to, but it was cute. And a style my sister would wear.

sherry said...

I think your house dress probably isn't a house dress. I think you wore what you thought of as a house dress to lunch once, and I told you it was totally cute. Which it was. I wasn't just glad to see you at church;) So you are probably cuter than you thought. I had a good pharmacy friend. I saw her all the time. She had a Brittish accent (from South Africa) and was lovely. Then I saw her at a friend's baptism, and found out they are neighbors. She moved to a different pharmacy, and getting drugs has never been the same:(

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