Monday, February 2, 2009

my aversion to the dentist. DREAD! FEAR! PANIC!

Confession! i FEAR the dentist.

going, making appointments, the thought of calling , or going. it's almost enough to cause panic attacks. and reduce me to tears.

i don't like taking my kids either since it brings up my fear of going myself.

that and the horror and shame of what they find when we finally do go.


deep calming breaths.

Peyton had a tooth ache all weekend.

so i called today to take him in.

they got us in bright and shiny early at 9 am. and the verdict?

both of his #1 molars are SHOT! (don't judge me)

and he needs root canals and crowns OR extractions and space maintainers.

i lean towards extractions whether that is the smarter thing or not. because i FEAR root canals.

ever since i had a horrible one when i was in 8th grade. (SCARRED FOR LIFE)

the dentist left it up to me.

Peyton has a small crowded mouth with TONS of teeth that will have to be taken care of before he can get braces. which he NEEDS BADLY. (some extra baby teeth need pulled,think Jaws)

braces i can handle.

extractions i like. (quick easy cheap fix)

anything else. DREAD, PANIC , FEAR!

we are going the root canal route.

he's dreading it. and i'm silently having a panic attack for it.

and it isn't even me.

I have a-loads of work that needs done. A$$ LOADS.

do i want to go? HECK NO!

we have good dental coverage this year, and an awesome flexible spending account that will cover whatever needs done with no out of pocket.

do i call and go in? NOPE .

do i think about the need to call daily YEAH.

panic , dread, fear.

yeah. i need a freaking Valium to make the freaking appointment.


plus the shame of having horrible teeth. it's genetic. add that to too much soda, and not enough good brushing, by kids and WE ARE SCREWED.

i brush. often. all the time. floss is my friend. and my teeth still suck.

could it be the chronic vomiting i did while pregnant, all those years in a row?

or what about the lack of prenatals and not enough calcium EVER?

Or Maybe it's the radiation killing off some of my salivary glands leaving me with dry mouth?

i'm a mouth breather too when i sleep?

does that make a difference?

OR perhaps it's my teeth constantly bathed with acids and sugars from SODA?

my guess? it's a combo of all of the above.


Peyton goes in tomorrow to the Endodontist for his root canal. or whatever they are doing.

and i get to take him. PANIC! DREAD! FEAR!

i've been on the verge of tears over it at least 3 times today already.

maybe Lance can take him.
(i doubt it)

Peyton is being brave. and i'll slip him a valium before he goes so he'll be fine. (they were his from the last time he had to go in for a pulp)


so any opinions about this?

what about the treatment plan? he's 10 if that information matters.

does anyone else have irrational fears of the dentist?


have a rad day! i'm gonna go take a Valium myself and take a nap. (not really but i'd like to)

Oh and what i find ironic, is i had cancer, and that didn't scare me at all. i stressed way less about having major surgery, twice, than i do about going to the stinking dentist? what does that say about me? it's retarded.
sure load me up with a radioactive pill! but don't make me go to the dentist. seriously i considered most of my cancer stuff like a vacation and yet i have panic attacks about going to the dentist?
stick a needle in my neck, draw out cells from some lumps and lymph nodes, remove some please. NO BIG DEAL! and yet this is enough to depress me for 2 days. and constantly haunt me because i avoid taking care of dental stuff.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! (that is a rhetorical question, don't answer that)

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Lance said...

no comment....

Jen said...

LOL ^!

I don't mind the dentist it is just the embarassment of what they find! I am like you, brush and floss everyday but my teeth still suck, and I am afraid my kids will follow suit, unfortunately it is genetic I think. Good luck tomorrow!!

devri said...

I threw up for 5 months straight, in hospital, would throw up if I swallowed my saliva.. So I know the crap it does to your teeth.

I am deathly afraid of the dentist, but I am more afraid of what he thinks of me. bad teeth, I stare at everyones teeth wishing they could be mine.. oh the drama, teeth. WE have crappy insurance. But I need so much work that I need to go on Oprah so that Oprah will feel bad for me and pay for it all..

yeah, I know where your coming from.

KayDee said...

I am begining to really not like the dentist, especially after last months pain and drama! I still get to have more work done. (like another crown!) All of the work I have to have done will max out my my limit and I will have to pay for some out of pocket. Not cool!

I dont blame you for feeling like you do. Good luck with everything!

mom2three said...

Yep the dentist is icky! I really need to go have not been in years! Dentists are just scary scary people. Won't they knock out Peyton or give him gas?!
Ya know what really bugs me about the dentist too, is you have your mouth wide open full of picks, a suction thingy and whatever other weird tools they use...and they talk to your supposed to talk to them back with all that crap in your mouth! Ewww just talking about the dentist is putting an icky icky taste in my mouth, but hey good luck tomorrow!

Threeundertwo said...

Be brave. You can do it. You need to be strong for him.

When I had some dental work, it REALLY helped me that I brought along my ipod and cranked some tunes and really zoned out. Dentists don't mind.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

i hate the dentist! always have, always will!!

i don't go myself..but i make an effort to take my kids (if we have ins) to prevent problems..

Suzanne said...

If those are baby teeth I would just have them pulled if not well I guess you do the root canal.
I am glad to hear that i am not the only one who suffers from panic attacks when it comes to going to the dentist, I panic just making the call however with that said I think it comes down to finding a dentist that you love, I am using Cody's Dad's good friend and he is the nicest guy and seems to genuenly (sp?) care about me and my teeth and I take my kids to his son's office and they are great with my kids.
It also helps me to remind myself that dental problems don't get better on their own so unless I want dentures I better take my behind to the dentist.

Becky said...

Dentists are hard, but I thank my parents for being consistent in getting our teeth cleaned every six months. I am trying to do this with my own kids to help them overcome fears too. But I have to admit I am not as consistent yet.

People should not judge about teeth cleaning--genetics can play a huge role.

Leslie said...

Hey I went to the dentist today, It pretty much sucked!! I am in more pain now then I was before. But he saved me from having root canals further down the road so that is good I guess?

Melissa said...

I've had some pretty bizarre things done to me in the name of medicine and still none of them freaked me out nearly as badly as going to the dentist does.

But then with TMJ, going to the dentist is a whole different story. And the salivary glands...totally a reason for bad teeth...

SuperCoolMom said...

Do we have FHE tonight?

Jenifer said...

I hate the dentist too...and I wonder why I am going to be a dental assistant. My mouth is crap too and I am embarrassed to go in. But not so embarrassed that I will give up Dr. Pepper. You should go get your work done under anesthesia. Then who cares? Sleepy time...

jayna said...

you know, i'm actually fascinated when people are scared of the dentist. i, myself, don't mind the dentist. it's just tiresome trying to keep ones mouth open while they 'sonic brush' one's teeth. and that bright light. otherwise, no problemo. i'm so sorry to hear it's not a positive experience for you. ;) good luck. you can do it. deep breaths. think happy thoughts.

TIFFANY & CO. said...

hum ... all these comments are pretty funny to read in light of Joel's upcoming profession. :) Anywho, i don't enjoy the dentist either. both my parents have bad teeth so i'm pretty much always guaranteed to get fillings when i go.

Joel's wondering which teeth this are ... i saw you wrote #1 molars and he says those are wisdom teeth, so tell us which #. He says it's always best to keep the tooth in the mouth for as long as possible. He says to call him. I'll email you his cell ... he's up building a computer right now...i'll email ya.

Debra said...

I HATE dentists because when I was 8 I was having a root canal done and the dentist got the drill STUCK in my tooth. It took him over 1/2 an hour to get it out. SUCKED! But I have sucky teeth. Its genetic. no matter what I do. I have 2 crowns and have had 6 root canals. And I brush and floss and do not drink soda. So though those things DO make a difference, it is probably just genetics too!

Amy said...

I hate the dentist too. Probably because the first time I went I was 5 and scared to death and the dentist and his assistant were holding me down and yelling at me to quit being a baby. There was no such thing as pain free dentistry then and he was trying to numb me for a cavity. He got in one shot and I freaked and so did he (obviously) and started yelling. I cried the whole time and refused to go back to the dentist for years. I should say that my mean grandma, not my mom, took me to that appointment. My mom would have killed that dentist had she been there! I can still make her feel guilty to this day by mentioning it, so I don't.

My dentist knows that I'm scared of him and teases me about it. At least he understands!

Forget monsters and the boogie man, dentists are the scariest creatures alive!

Tammy said...

I hate the dentist too!
You seriously crack me up!

sherry said...

I love the dentist, and wish I had the money to go twice a year. But a lot of people have your same experience. I am pretty sure it comes from a devestating childhood experience. Good teeth are genetic. It's really just good luck. I have a sister who was way more hygenic than I was as a kid and she had a ton of cavities. I have still never had one cavity. If it is a baby tooth, pull that sucker out. So you don't traumatize your kids;)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ The dentist is not my favorite thing. I don't freak out but I don't care for it either. I'm always nervous that I'm going to have cavities. We didn't ahve insurance a while back and I finally got in after 2 years and I had 3 cavities and Joe went in after not being in for 8 years and he had 1 minor cavity. Go figure.

msangelfish said...

Hey Jules! Haven't commented here in a while, but reading this post just hit me. I had two root canals done in the last two months! Why? Because I HATE the dentist and I haven't gone in 5 years. We've had awesome dental coverage that whole time, but I just hate the dentist, so I didn't go. Then came the two worst toothaches EVER and I had to get them taken care of. Next, Marianna goes in for her checkup today and she has SIX cavities! SIX! HEllo? She is only SIX years old! WTH? And the dentist wants to sedate her and do them all at once! Not gonna happen. So, I guess I'm just telling you all this to say that I have PANIC FEAR AND DREAD just like you. Good luck! Ange

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