Sunday, February 1, 2009

my Virgin themed weekend. -a weekend filled with firsts!

Dates, girls day,movie reviews and Pictures! what more could you ask for in a post?

OH and i was a Super Bowl Virgin until tonight. and i have to say i was left sadly unsatisfied. they tried really hard but in the end it just didn't happen. (sigh)

in other weekend news
Lance and I doubled with Aaron and Alicia. (my Fave brother and fave sister in law.)
we went to Spinato's it was my first time for that too .
It was SO GOOD!

and we saw New in Town for the First time
-and it was Freaking hilarious!
really any movie with Aaron is always GOOD! GREAT! AMAZING!
the crowd was a good one in this theater, and the laughter was contagious.
some of the jokes were outrageous. and there were many lines i felt were quote worthy for me.

i definitely believe a movie can be made good or bad by the company you are with.

and it's always awesome with Aaron and Alicia.


Saturday i slept in, and was super late to the girls day lunch.
for Lindsey's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

I hope it was fabulous
(even though the freaking Super Bowl was on your birthday taking all the focus off you.)
I'm so glad we partied down yesterday.
it was a great saturday for a girls day!

i was late for New in Town
(my 2nd time in 2 days so i didn't mind missing the first 40 minutes)
i thought it was stinking funny.
then we had lunch at BJ's brewery and it was delightful!

here's me and the Birthday girl!
in her oh so fabulous tiara (that i gifted her.)
Tammy and Jen
Brianna and Suzanne

after i got home from my afternoon of girl talk...

we went to Aaron and Alicia's with the family for a fabulous dinner of smoked beef,
with amazing fixin's
and Played some Guitar Hero and then Karaoke revolution!
it was SO FUN! and i wonder why we don't play that game more often? it's so great!

today was standard Sunday fun. get ready for lunch with mom, then get ready for church,
then go to church.

we got home just in time to head to Lance's Uncles for the SUPER BOWL!

i lost interest just before the half time show when the Steelers scored that touchdown.
and then passively watched while i read, and dozed off a little.

I'm not really a football fan. or sports fan for that matter.
and dang it. losing by 4 freaking points. i was bummed.
what was that last pass?

Oh and the book I'm reading is another first.
"my first" (virgin) reading of a a NORA ROBERTS book.
it's "Irish Dreams"

i was bummed when the first book in the book was over. WTH?
i have to admit it's tamer than the other trashy novels i've been reading.

so that was it. you now have the complete rundown.


Um on the puppy post there were questions i failed to get to...

the Puppies are AKC Shih Tzu's
we are selling them for $500.
they were born December 27th
they were 5 weeks yesterday.
and are just barely starting to eat puppy food.

we have 2 females and 1 male.
but only 2 are available for sale
(someone already has money down on one)

they will be 7 weeks on Valentines day and the PERFECT gift!

So that is the update.
i anticipate a busy week as always.

Liberty has her thyroid ultrasound on Wednesday.

Hope your weekend was Fabulous!

Happy Monday to you!

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blah, blah by lindsey said...

love my tiara!! i opted out of church and stayed in my room (bc it was the only clean room in my house) so glad you came (even if you were a tad late)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Sounds like a fun weekend! I really want to see that movie! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend, great pics too!

Mamarazzi said...

sounds like a super RAD weekend.

love those puppies!

and everytime i see that necklace on you i forget to tell you how much i love i am telling you this time...LOVE IT!!

tammy said...

Loved the movie and lunch. (And wow my hair is looking really blonde.) I think I may have some more Nora books in the garage, unless I got rid of them already. I read a ton of hers.

Suzanne said...

That was a fun day and I think we should do that more often. I stole the pics if you don't mind.
I don't really watch the superbowl either but I couldn't help it yesterday, it was so much fun.

Asquared said...

Goobtastic, we had an awesome time! Spinatos wa tasy and the movie was awesome, i was thinking it would be awesome to get a movie goer profile setup so we could always have a group that would appreciate the particular movie we are going to, half the fun is the breathlessly loud laughter and tears that feeds on itself when everyone is in on it.

jayna said...

ooohh super fun weekend! i love when my weekends have a ton of fun things to fill them up! i also saw that movie and liked it! and i'm so jealous about bj's brewery because you know i love that place.


Melissa said...

Good luck with the ultrasound.

I was reading a Nora Roberts book while I was in labor...the nurse told me that would be the last book I would ever have time to read...scared me good...thankfully, she was WRONG!!

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