Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pierce-tastic is getting tubes today!


Pierce is getting tubes today. and having his adenoids removed.

some moms stress about things like this.

NOT ME. i'm stoked. thrilled. ecstatic.


'cuz i'm kinda a PRO at this.

in prep i hit my fave late night shopping spot to ,ahem, get him a new outfit to wear for surgery.

yeah you can't wear any snaps, metal buttons or zippers.

and the only thing clean that fit that criteria was a pair of track pants shorts.

Um yeah taking a 2 year old out at 7:00 am to go to surgery in shorts would look kind of negligent on my part.

So i went and got him a track pants outfit that was ON CLEARANCE.

while i was there, i got some jello, and apple juice.

ya know , for the clear liquids after surgery rule.

while i was in the pre-made jello section

i discovered a pack of sugar free jello cubes. and had to get them.

i tried some on the way home. they were pretty great. if you like jello cubes.

i think Pierce will DIG them

well i'd better go to bed. i anticipate having a hard time getting up at the buttcrack of dawn. and i'm feeling compelled to wake up the girls extra early to do their hair since i'll be gone before they leave for school. if i don't do it, no one will. and i just can't deal with that.

Ok and keep your fingers crossed it happens today. since i'm a tad worried they will try to reschedule after i've gone to the effort to be there. why would they reschedule? 1) Pierce has a SNOTTY NOSE. it's green and he's resisted taking the antibiotics the ENT prescribed. 2) i failed to get the pre-op x-ray done of his head and neck. yeah negligent again. this is the first time she's ordered one. and it's too late now. so hopefully they go with it anyway. it just means he's not getting his tonsils out while they are in there. which is fine. he's kind of young for that anyway.

i called to verify that we could still do it, and they seemed like they would but i'm a tad worried anyway that they will call the surgery off and reschedule. we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Facebook status? Julie has (after this morning) done some version* of tubes surgery 10 times between 6 kids. on the menu today? tubes and adenoids for Pierce.

*(some version means. one of the below options.)

tubes-Peyton, Joy, Pierce, Hope,Liberty,Paxton

tubes and adenoids-Peyton and now Pierce

tubes, tonsils and adenoids. Liberty and Paxton

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michelle said...

Good luck! It sounds like you are prepared for the day! You are such a good Mom to go get him a new outfit for the occasion! :)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Good luck! I hope the surgery goes well!

Becky said...

Hope your day goes well and he feels okay/recovers quick after. I will be thinking about him.

Tammy said...

Happy the surgery went well. Hope he is feeling good soon!
Hayden my oldest boy, needs his done soon! I keep forgetting to make the dumb appointment!

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