Sunday, March 1, 2009

fritzy blog issues. being bothered while sleeping, final decisions made. and whatnot.

my blog is on the fritz. not sure why, but it's not working. no posts are showing up for me. unless i click on a direct link to a particular post. Is it working for you?

um. fun filled weekend. i guess it was average at best but it didn't suck and really sometimes that's as good as it gets.

we went friday night to see " he's just not that into you" and both of us liked it. maybe it was because he had low expectations for it. but somehow we BOTH liked it. i could see why it would be incredibly annoying as a date movie. or LAME for someone that isn't secure in their relationship. either way we were pleasantly surprised.

I've been in communication with the lady at bodacious bling boutique. i'm sure I've been almost annoying with my indecision. BUT i think we have finally settled on this one... she's ordering them in for me. Hopefully that works out.


it's Raspberry and black.

and otherwise we had some issues with silly putty. getting on people's clothes. and NOW Silly Putty is officially BANNED from our house. I HATE THAT CRAP! actually i love to play with it, i just don't love that it sticks to things, that people fight over it. and that it ruins clothes. i'm not a fan!

i was bothered multiple times this morning while sleeping about....

silly putty

broken glass

fighting over TV shows




yeah well i'm supposed to be getting people ready for church now. yay.



Melissa said...

Cute petticoats. I think I need one of those.

Silly putty sucks! Plain and simple. We have a few containers downstairs but I try and bribe Hope with Playdoh before I even think of silly putty.

Hope your day gets better!

onehm said...

The blog is working for me. I had that problem last week with my photo a day blog. And I know Diaper Diva had the same problem this week with her blog. :) It must be going around.
I'm so excited about those skirts. They are darling!
As far as the Silly Putty goes, it's been banned from my house for a LONG TIME because it ended up in my CARPET and I could NOT get it out without cutting it. I was NOT HAPPY. So now we just don't have it. It's a smart move if you ask me!!

Janna said...

It's working for me

we sluffed....

Supercool Hotmama said...

Sooo cute! I know you will be thrilled to finally get them when you've been fantasizing about them for so long!

crystal said...

I am SO ordering one of those petiskirts. ohlala.

Yes! I couldn't get your blog to work correctly yesternight. But i can see it now, oh happy day. My day's not complete w/o my Daily Dose o' Crazymama!

Threeundertwo said...

Yeah! Your blog works for me now. I was having trouble before.

I hate silly putty, pure and simple.

Doesn't come out of carpets, or hair. Worse than gum.

Leslie said...

We were havingthe same issue, but it would work on my computer but not Jeremy's. Blogger must have been working on stuff!!

And silly putty has been banned from our house!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the help in this question. I did not know it.

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