Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 things i have to remember to be grateful for today!

so i'm feeling kinda guilty about my daily blitching. maybe i need to be grateful.

how about 5 things i'm grateful for today?

1. sonic ice -a whole bag in my freezer all ready for me to enjoy. with ICE COLD WATER. in a cup with a lid and straw. AHHHHH refreshing.

2. the Hubs working from home. so on days i feel like CRAP, i can chat him on my computer, and say i feel like crap and i'm going to go lay down and he'll kind of hold down the fort. even changing the poopy diaper. THANK YOU , you've earned your name HUBTASTIC TODAY!

3. a second car. sure it's not big enough to fit the whole family in. but, some of us can go in it. and at least when the van is busted, we aren't totally stranded. for this, i'm grateful. oh and the van going to the shop to get fixed finally. is pretty rad too. hope it's a cheap and easy fix.

4. my cellphone- all you can eat minutes with text and picture messaging. and 5 bucks a month internet. (cricket mobile is pretty rad) so i can talk all i want on it. and read my email anywhere i have a minute. (and yeah sometimes i check from the bathroom. or my bed) it's not a post unless i confess something right?

5. family and rad friends. that know me. the real me . and like me anyway. yup, totally grateful for friends. and family that can always be counted on.that give rad advice, and know and care about me and what's going on with me. it seriously makes all the difference.

Oh bonus- I'm totally grateful that the headache i had all freaking day is finally gone. hallelujah.

Oh and i'm super stoked Wipeout is on tonight. super funny . the whole family sits and watches. and even then Joy picks the funny fat lady outta the group,and calls her me the whole time. i love it. yeah. LOVE IT! if you haven't checked it out it's on for the summer on ABC at 7:00 on Wednesday's . i even have it recording on my dvr, so i don't miss it. yay!

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onehm said...

A perfect post! I love #4...I confess to the same things. :)

Friends and fam are the best...hope I'm in the "friend" category. I luv ya!

Devri said...

sonic ice is the best!

you are one rad chick!

CassiB said...

I need to list things i'm grateful for more often.

andrea said...

My kids love Wipeout! It is pretty funny. I love watching the people fall knowing I'd look exactly the same!

Tammy said...

Miss you Jules! You are the best! and ever so delightful! :)

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