Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rad / not Rad

here we go! assorted RAD {slash} NOT Rad things , keep in mind these are just a few that have passed through my mind today/this week. mostly about stuff the kids have done. or said. some of it is rad. some is not rad.

confessing{slash} sharing random things? it's just another RAD service i offer.

I think it's rad - that my herd lined up and watched Wipeout together tonight. i love that they all get into it, and we all sat together and laughed for 2 hours. i love that most of the kids went to bed as soon as it was over.

i think it's hilariously Rad - that Hope yells at the TV and tells people they suck!

not rad- that everyone comments on getting nailed in the balls. even the girls. it's fun family time for sure.

the hubs wasn't watching with us tonight, but he could hear us laughing out in his cave.

it's not rad that Pierce, is obsessed with salad dressing? freaking gets it out. pours it in containers. i keep finding cups full of raspberry vinaigrette. he poured some Italian into the gallon water container tonight too. freaking rad!

it's not rad that Pierce has learned to drink chocolate syrup straight outta the container. rad for him i guess, not rad for me.

it's a mix of rad/not rad that Pierce has been taking the outlet covers off of the walls. and unscrewing doorknobs with screwdrivers. kid has skills.

but it's totally not rad when he loses the screws, so the few outlets with covers suddenly are lacking. rad!

it's TOTALLY NOT RAD- that we have been finding random open condoms in the car? seriously I'm wondering if some neighbor kid is getting in and screwing around in it? seriously sick. otherwise Pierce may have discovered the secret stash and just randomly opened the spare prophylactics , which is entirely possible. but i've found 3 in about a week. and a seat was reclined once? WTH? and EWWW

i think it's a mix of rad/not rad- that if Pierce wants a cucumber he gets out the peeler, and a paring knife and starts on it, and brings it to me. to help him. kind of not safe so it's not rad. but he's totally self sufficient and rad he knows what it takes to get what he wants.

it was not rad that Paxton nailed me in the shoulder with a grapefruit today.

also not rad that i instantly called him a name for doing it.

but it was Rad he's got such a good throw .

sometimes i deserve a RAD mother of the year award for what i allow my kids to say/do.

Hope you have a RAD Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Loved this post Jewels! I laughed out loud as I read it this morning! I needed to laugh. More bad news at my house.......
Thanks for what you do!

andrea said...

Loved it. You crack me up, and I'm so glad Pierce lives at your house and not mine. Just reading his adventures makes me tired! You are a stronger lady then I am!

And the condoms in the need to set up surveillance and catch the sicko.

mom2three said...

Way too funny! I love wipe out..I am trying to figure out how to get my husband on the show...he totally wants to do it and he knows he would suck...which is funny!

Melody said...

Sounds likes lots of fun stuff goes on at your house. By the way how old is Pierce? I thought my 6 year old was busy.

Cecily R said...

Ummmm, you get a big giant EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW on the not rad condom presents. That is just twelve kinds of gross.

And Little P being so super handy and salad dressing happy? So totally rad. I lurve that kid!

Cara said...

I think this post is RAD! OK EWWWW about the condoms and reclined seat - SICK!!! And why do you have condoms in the car????? Date night at make-out-point? heh-heh!

onehm said...

My kids would not even think of throwing something at me in the shower...but it seems like it would be pretty darn funny. Maybe I'll have to do it to them...(insert evil cackle here). Thanks for the rad idea.

sherry said...

What name? Spill it...

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