Monday, June 29, 2009

awards, plans, and agendas...

Ok so today's blog agenda?
award giving away. and 4th of July talk.
don't miss out.

we are cleaning and going swimming today, and i'm in charge of FAMILY night with my FAMILY tonight. super exciting. plus i get to go to the DENTIST this afternoon. yay.

on to the award!

Yesterday I got an award from my friend Jen at 3 scoops of Chaos

"one of these gals keeps me in stitches(hysterical laughter). I try to read her blog every day.....thanks crazymama for the telling it how it is, attitude and the laughs!"

Thanks Jen! i'm super excited you found me and read my blog.
your comments ROCK!

So i get to give this awesome award to 2 more people.

So.....who to choose?
i'm thinking...
i can't freaking decide.

but i think...

Leslie at Barefooted bandits.
she just posted about a RAD Etiquette class for kids she did last week
including a power point.
she has awesome pictures. and posts pretty regularly and comments often so of course i love her lots. she is AWESOME!


HolleeAnn at Dandelion wishes. she rocks. she posts regularly. She does fun things and loads of pictures. if you comment and she can respond back via email she does. and she's positive all the time. she hosts awesome swaps.and gives away loads of awards.
love her!


I'm super excited about the 4th! I can't wait for our traditional evening at the DRIVE IN!

yeah, i'm easily excited about small things. i picked up glow sticks today. i think i wanna bring a kite just in case it's windy, and i have absolutely no idea what is showing on the 4th but I'm excited about it anyway. super bonus that the van will be cleaned out before we go. yay on a cleaned out VAN.

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Mamarazzi said...

awww that was a fun surprise...thank you! i feel like such a bad bloggy friend...i can barely keep up with my own blog and visiting others just hardly ever happens these days...i feel like it has been FOREVER since i was here last!! and then when i DO arrive you have a lovely award for are a doll!

i love your 4th tradition of the drive in...i wish they hadn't closed ours!

tammy said...

I'm glad you reminded me about FHE...I never can remember.

Yay on the clean van. I really need to clean my car. And I always forget about the drive-in. We will be hanging out here swimming and catching the fireworks at the farm. I got some boys have never had them, except when we were in UT. I miss the fireworks at homethat you can do there.

Leslie said...

Aww Thanks for the award!! I am honored that you would even consider me with all your readers!!

Good luck at the dentist!! As soon as our flex spending account zeros out next month I am headed there myself!!

Drive in sounds like a great idea!! I still have never been to a drive in!!

Laura said...

I love it when anything is cleaned out! Cars are the best then you don't have to live in fear you might be humiliated if someone see's the mess. LOL!

CassiB said...

Yay! on the clean van. that always feels good!
and thanks for leading me to two blogs that are added to my reader! so fun.

mom2three said...

I never can seem to have fun on the 4th of July in Arizona....I grew up in Utah were fireworks were legal and every 4th all the neighbors would get together...oh and the weather was never in the hundreds...ugh I hate Az summers!!!
I have never heard of the drive thru thing...that sounds fabulous!


My Car could use a good spit shine too. I am surpised no nasty notes have been written in it's dirt. Sound like you have a fabulous fourth planned. Have fun:)!!

crystal said...

HOLY SHNIKES, LADY!!!!!! I was just thinking of you tonight, while discussing plans for the 4th with my brother!!!! He wants us all to go to the drive in and *zing!* I totally thought of your tradition.

Woo hoo! I can't wait! All the drive ins in UT have closed. I have to import myself to ID to go to one. Let's drink a toast to each other at midnight!

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