Monday, June 29, 2009

Needed: A Captive Audience for her Monologue

so where do you most often chat with your kids?

around the dinner table?

while riding in the car?

on a date one on one?

this kid...


has recently discovered the BEST place to get my undivided, can't walk away, or talk on the phone or be distracted by anything else, "PERFECT PLACE TO TALK" TO ME.

or corner me, whatever the case my be.

wonder where?

While i'm in THE SHOWER.

she acts like she has to go potty, and mysteriously the 2 other bathrooms in the house are OCCUPIED. so she comes in and takes a seat.

she knows i'm a captive audience so the discussion begins.

or i should say....the monologue.

because generally a conversation with Joy requires no response.

she just wants you to stay there and listen while she goes on and on about whatever is on her mind. often she prefers close eye contact but being trapped and not being able to leave the conversation or distract her is EVEN BETTER!

apparently my need for privacy and solitude is a moot point,

she's a fan of having a captive audience.

last week she trapped me in the shower while she discussed the possibility of getting a new baby at our house. (yes, we've had this conversation before, and apparently the question never gets old.)

anyway, i was just wondering where do you chat with your kids?

and seriously can't a person get a moments peace? Thank goodness for Privacy glass or someone might be scarred for LIFE.

by the way i told her to go discuss it with dad while he's playing video games in the office. he's just sitting there , ready and waiting to "discuss" whatever is on her mind.

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Scrappy Girl said...

How clever! We live out in the country and have at least a 30 minute drive to 13 year old uses this time to update me on all her friends and their 8th grade drama...makes me want to turn on the emergency flashers! LOL

andrea said...

That is funny. My 7 year old can talk and hardly draw a breath until your ears bleed. And yes, she's come into the bathroom while I'm in the shower. It's usually to ask me a question like if I can get her something (uh, hello?!), but the most often reason is to tattle.....grrrr....

Jenn said...

Lol- that is too funny. She knows she has you trapped. I get it in the car where I am trapped too.

Sweet Notations said...

Just yesterday at craft classes Joy wasa chatty Kathy and Addy and I were just saying how last time she hardly talked!!!We love talkative kids at our house, bring her over anytime when it gets too much!!!

Janeen Romney said...

My kids always come to the shower to talk to me, ask me to get something for them, to tell me to hurry up, and mostly to tattle about everything someone is doing while I can't do anything about it!
So, did Joy get anywhere with her Dad on the baby issue?

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love sending them to dad!!! Works great (sometimes) :)

mom2three said...

Hahaha...well I get cornered in the bathroom a lot...since kids I don't close the door because they will just bang on it and that to me is more aggravating!
I Have learned many things about my daughter while peeing on the pot!wow that is bad!

jayna said...

oh how funny is that. what i love about this whole post is, that in 15 years, when we are hanging out, you are gonna say... "remember when joy would corner me in the shower and just chat at me?"

love it!


CassiB said...

I have a close talker too! but getting me in the shower happens with all of them, even the hubby. that's why i tend to take my shower at 5:30 am so noone can bug me, this might not work for everyone!

Carie said...

Actually, I try to have as little conversations as possible with my kids! HaHa, I know you all think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

Shannon said...

I love it! None of my kids are particularly chatty. Grace is the closest to that. I love chatting with my big boy in the car because that is the only place I can capture HIM. Too funny!

onehm said...

My kids figured that crap out long ago...and not JUST when I'm in the shower, but when I'm "reading" too. They instinctively know that I am not able to run away! ;)

crystal said...

Hahahaha! I suppose when ya got 6 kids, they clamber to find alone time with mom in creative ways.

It's cute, though, how MUCH your kids all love you. What a killer mom you are! I always think when I read your blog how much fun-fun-fun you will be when they're older, too....teens, YA's, even adults.

Especially when they're adults! What a *rad* mom you'll be! Tons of fun, always cackling out loud, swearing, telling it like it is, etc.

Sniff. I wish you lived by me.

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