Sunday, June 28, 2009

confessions of a church ditcher a.k.a. free sunday.

Well it's one of those Sunday's where Lance is TOTALLY GIMPY. (he hurt his foot a week ago tripping on a toy on the stairs, and he's been semi worthless TOTALLY GIMPY since. he has no desire to go get it looked at at the Dr. even though he suspects he broke it.

then we slept in Way too LATE!

so we are ditching.

yup! EEEEVVVIIIL RIGHT? whatever!

so the kids have been asking if we are going and are confused at the ditching.

just now Joy said," are you afraid we'll be annoying and Embarass you?"

Hope said," well who is going to be my teacher if Dad's not there?" um yeah doesn't matter because you aren't going either.

so Happy Sunday. we're having roast for dinner and mashed potatoes from scratch.

and that is all the planning we've done so far. yay us.

have a fabulous Sunday!

OH and Bonus? i got a rockin' award today. from a friend. i'll be giving it away tomorrow!

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CassiB said...

MMmmm. Roast and mashed potatoes. That's one of my favorites?

Leslie said...

Sometimes you just gatta ditch, but the kids can sure give us a guilt trip!! I guess it's a good thing we got our kids to keep us in line!!

Roast is my fav sunday dinner. Almost made it today but my mom offered to bring dinner over. Couldn't pass that up!!

Jen said...

I know I am kinda glad we are skipping out next week! Yummy dinner, I am jealous, we just had leftovers that weren't so fantastic. Oh well.

Hulk Granny said...

Lol @ Jen. You actually plan to skip out next week? Jeff has that on standing order.

And shame, shame JV. You should have left the kids at home and marched your heiny down to the ward building and lit a candle for the hubster. Then followed it with 5 "hail mary's" and 4 "Our fathers".

Scrappy Girl said...

We kinda ditched too...we did a little bit of nothing all day...felt good. Dr. Hubby is still recovering from a toothache and having the tooth pulled and Wild Child now is having probs with a tooth! Argh!

tammy said...

Taylor had to stay home at the last minute because when he went to get dressed, his pants were too small. How do they get so small in only one week? He couldn't have told me last week that they were starting to get tight? And Connor was complaining about his shoes being too small. Guess we'll be shopping for church clothes today. They won't be thrilled when I make them go with me. Usually when they're in school, I just buy a bunch and bring it home for them to try on. Not today, they're trying things on at the store!

Jenn said...

We ditched because of swine flu- so we missed church too.

crystal said...

I ditched church last Sunday, too, because Mike was outta town and I did NOT want to deal with it.

Plus, Isabelle had a titch of a barfy stomach and I didn't want accusations of swine flu. So whatev.

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