Saturday, June 27, 2009

date night discussion, a movie review, and grocery shopping with the HUBS.

hot date last night. we saw a movie.

got dinner. and went grocery shopping. OHHH LA LA!

then, today i went to a baby shower, for my High school. BFF. Ali. where she got the CUTEST, girliest loot ever! EVEERRR! it was a darn fabulous shower too. seriously her sister in laws DO IT UP! always OVER THE TOP! and ALWAYS AMAZING!


after that we ran errands even though it's HOTTER THAN HADES today. AZ in the summer?

it's idiotic to even consider leaving the freaking house. and yet. i choose mid day on a Saturday to go. Re-Tarded! Not REE TARDED. Re-TARD.


ok so last night we saw The Hangover. it was funny,TOTALLY RAUNCHY but i laughed QUITE A BIT. the hubs is not down with CRUDE and LEWD behavior. or FOUL Language. There was some nudity. lots of drinking and minor drug use. all of which he's generally turned off by. some of it was OFF THE FREAKING WALL. he only thought a few parts were darn funny. it's definitely not for kids. i Laughed alot because crude talk and behaviour makes me giggle. it's true. everyone knows that about me.

we saw it because I'd heard a couple RAVE Reviews from different people about this movie. He had also, so we had to check it out, but i knew from the trailer it wasn't the hubster's speed. we went anyway. i think it's probably one of those that get's funnier upon multiple Viewings, with more people in on the inside jokes after the fact. like there was some quote worthy things, used today. and we both had to chuckle.

i will say it's TOTALLY NOT FOR KIDS. and SOME FREAKING IDIOT had a kid, roughly around 11 or 12 sitting behind us. him and his adult were Yucking it up but SERIOUSLY? HOLY HECK! it's not for most adults of my acquaintance. i was HORRIFIED that a kid saw some of that. especially the credits. HOLY SHIZ! they saved the Raunchy stuff for that. (ask me on email and i'll fill you in on it.)


tonight we are going to Transformers 2. and i could go either way with that one. it looks great on the trailer. but since i never actually watched the 1st one. I'm not a die hard fan. and could probably pass on seeing it. in my estimation, that's in the realm of "guy movies". I'll let you know what i think. after the fact. maybe.


Grocery shopping with the Hubs? HOLY CRAP. seriously? he bought a loads of pudding. and Juice.
like 12 containers. assorted variety's some on sale and some regular price. THEN the pudding. i don't get his obsession with that crap but he loves it. and thinks we need copious amounts . mostly because we do. the kids hork it down and then they leave them open and funktastic around. eaten and uneaten. LOADS. wasted. kids suck sometimes. or is it just mine that do?

we also bought Banana's and out of 12 i think only 2 got eaten. Pierce peels them open and then chucks them. RAD! this is why i no longer by pudding or banana's .

the hubs. doesn't subscribe to my way of thinking. so he buys the stuff people like to waste anyway. i figure have at it dear. you earn the money. so that's how it works out.

well Toodle loo.

have a FABULOUS weekend!

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Scrappy Girl said...

Our 13 year old wanted to see The Hangover...I just laughed.

I think her and Dr. Hubby will be seeing Transformers 2 tonite....they better not see My Sister's Keeper...I want to see that one!

Cecilia said...

Thanks for the Hangover review! Have fun watching TRANSFORMERS tonight :)

Jenifer said...

LOVED the hangover. Laughed all the way through. When you typed re-tard, I knew just what you were talking about. I also think it will get funnier with multiple viewings, but not sure I should buy it in case the kiddos stick it in the player;)

CassiB said...

I've heard the Hangover is funny but not any details yet, so you can email me. I heard transformers 2 may not be little kid friendly? that totally sucks we love the first one although we mute it at one point. wasting food sucks it drives me crazy!

tammy said...

I can't believe someone would let a 12 yr old watch it! That's just wrong.

I think I'd be hiding my bananas and puddings if I were you. I have to hide some stuff so they won't eat it all too fast.

mom2three said...

I totally want to see that movie!!! I have heard mixed things about transformers...I still want to see it though!
by the way I gave your blog an award today....:)

Sarah said...

that's funny -- a bunch of people i know went to see The Hangover last weekend (El Jefe and I included)! we loved it. i especially liked that it was not all weiner and fart jokes -- like how American Pie was just funny in how raunchy it was. this movie was smarter than that.

and i'm naming my first-born "Carlos".

crystal said...

Have you seen The Proposal yet? Ryan Reynolds...lots of skin...mmmmmm. Plus, it's funny. Get back to me and tell me your review.

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