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Crazymama's promote a friend post. Josh and Janan

I decided, i regularly get requests or see a need for promoting a friend, their cause, a small business, a fundraiser, a FABULOUS item a friend is offering . STUFF that i wanna share etc.
check them out. help if you can.

so here we go, crazymama's promote a friend post. introducing.... Josh, and Janan! Josh's is a fundraiser for his lung transplant , and Janan's is DARLING bandana pants.( i need to order some for my girls.)

This is Josh!
do you know him? i do or should say did back in the day. we were friends (really! just friends, i never kissed this friend) he teased me on a daily basis. sitting behind me in seminary, there was plenty of opportunity to tease me and he got me in trouble regularly too. hmmm. JOSH! he's a great guy! always has been. i missed him loads when he was in the hospital dealing with his Cystic Fibrosis and wasn't there to tease me. now he needs a double lung transplant. he's got a little family and he needs some help (keep reading for details). and there is a SUPER FUN WAY YOU CAN HELP HIM OUT and have a fun time with family and friends all at the same time.

keep reading for details . you don't have to know Josh to come and party down for a fun evening at Big Surf in TEMPE!

Big Surf Fundraiser for Josh Wills (i snagged this off of FB)

To Raise money for Josh Wills's Lung Transplant!
Big Surf Waterpark/Philip Farber
Saturday, June 27, 2009
6:30pm - 10:30pm
Big Surf Waterpark Tempe, AZ
1500 N. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ


Friends and family,

Please forward this to as many people as you can!!!!

My friend Josh Wills has had Cystic Fibrosis since he was 6 months old. Now he is in desperate need of a Lung Transplant. We have partnered with Big Surf Waterpark and will be throwing a benefit fund raiser for Josh’s Long Transplant cost. It will be a Private night party (but anyone can come!) from 6:30PM to 10:30PM, June 27th. Big Surf is not normally open at night so this will be a special event! All the water attractions will be open for both adults and kids. We will also be selling BBQ meals in the park. Almost all of the sales from the entire night will be going directly to Josh. Big Surf is just about covering the entire cost of the event themselves (So please support Big Surf by going there this summer for their donation of their time, staff, and park for Josh!) The cost is $15 online or $20 at the door the night of the event.

Meals will include a hamburger or hotdog, chips and a drink for $7.00. We will have free rafts for the wavepool for everyone, the Kiddy area will be open for younger swimmers, Volleyball and of course all the slides for everyone. This event is not limited to just friends and family of josh we are inviting everyone to raise as much money as we can for Josh and his family! If you cannot make it but wish to donate please go to to find out how.

Please contact me if you have any questions or interested in corporate donations or sponsors.

So please come out and enjoy the waterpark and have a great time at night without all the heat during the day to support Josh!!!!!!!

You can find out more about Josh’s journey at

Event Details:

What: Benefit for Josh Will’s Lung Transplant.
When: Saturday, June 27th from 6:30PM-10:30PM
Where: Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe
Tickets: (Type in joshwills)


meet my friend Janan....

she just posted about this. and seriously i want some for my girlies. and thought others might also. so i'm promoting her today.

Bandana Pants For SALE - $15 per pair + S&H

Kaiya, M2, M1, and M3 Modeling Colors available!
(i snagged this post from her blog here)

"The first day Kaiya wore her first pair of bandana pants, I had several people comment on how cute they were and where I got them...."

So, this is my first advertisement that I am going to begin selling bandana pants! Here is the deal!

$15 per pair plus S&H.
(shipping and handling: Flat Rate Priority is $4.97)

Here is the information she needs from you:
Shipping Information
Child's waist size
Color: Hot Pink, Purple, Teal, Light Pink, Red

e-mail your order to thedesilvas2003atyahoodotcom

I accept payments thru paypal. I have the button set up to buy now on the top of my side bar! Please select your shipping info: Pick up (you live near me), Flat rate Priority (U.S. only), First Class International (Canada), and Priority International (Canada)!

They are super fabulous! Comfortable, light weight, and oh so adorable!!

go to her blog for Paypal!

i just need to decide on colors. maybe i'll let the girls pick. i hafta say i'm drawn to the blue. and i like them mixed up. not matchy. WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME?

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mom2three said...

Julie thanks for posting are so amazing!
I started crying when I was reading about your friend Josh...I visted their website to make a donation and there was no link to click on to make a donation. Can you let them know. I hope that the fundraiser at Big Surf is very successful!

Girly Do's said...

Okay Pants cute--- I want some but I will have to wait till the cash is better, But man if I lived in AZ I'd be helping out your friend's fundraiser. I hope it turns out very successful for them.

Janan said...

Okay, so not even worthy to be on the same post as Josh! Hello!! I appreciate the shout out, but feel like an idiot next to him.

All I have to say is JOSH is freaking AWESOME! I was friends with is little sister, and Josh was always so freaking cool to me. So, if money is TIGHT, I would encourage everyone to DONATE to JOSH and family long before they buy my bandana pants! My thoughts and prayers are with Josh and his family!!

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