Monday, June 22, 2009


Monday we had a delightful day of swimming at grandma's pool. we were there for
2 and a half hours mid day.

i got some SERIOUS color. more than i realized.

turns out I totally got burned. my cleavage is a definite shade of pink.

seriously MUST GET RID OF my STRAP lines. there is nothing that bugs me more than halter strap lines that you can see while wearing other clothes. and these are starting to show. UGH!

and my shoulders? kinda red.
i'm hoping all of it will turn into a tan.

i was pretty darn exhausted after a day in the pool. somehow the kids were still totally hyped.

it was a long day.

all of the kids got less color than me. how does that work?

Tuesday's fun? Therapy for Pierce, dentist for me. summer school for Libby, and maybe more swimming if the sun doesn't hurt me through my clothes. or later in the day. we'll see on that.

have a rad tuesday. and don't forget your sunblock.

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tammy said...

Take some paba. It takes the sting out of the burn.

Devri said...

wow, thanks for the info Tammy!

I got way burnt yesterday too, except I am not going to show you my butt photo. your welcom.

I can't stand it, my kids didn't even get burnt, they just got black! fair? I don't think so!

Jenn said...

OUCH!!! I hate strap tan too... But I accept it because laying out naked isn't an option.

jayna said...

i hate being sunburned! i hope it turns into a tan too!! and i hear ya about the strap lines. that's why i don't wear halter swim suits... i get tired too after a day at the pool. and i'm alwasy STARVING. why is that?

Anonymous said...

At least your boobs match your blog now, and boy are they FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

P.S. I think your "pink" boobs should be your new profile pic on FB. I double dare you to do it! Don't disappoint me Julie!

CassiB said...

lol. Shannon. I had to come check your comment after Julies post on FB.
They are fabulous pink boobs.

Supercool Hotmama said...

my eyes! my eyes! TMI!

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