Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the daily delights

i think i've forgotten to blog about some of the daily delights lately.

-like Hope's accent when she says yeah. it sounds like YAY-A . two syllables.

-a genius cut my cell phone charger. the hubs spliced it, but then some genius stole my wire nuts off if it.

SERIOUSLY? we were out of electrical tape. i picked some up today at Tar-Jay. and taped it all back together nice and handy like . (it's charging as i type).

speaking of my visit to Tar-Jay. i snuck and went alone after my dentist appointment.

- i often secretly go places to prolong my alone time on the way home from legitimate appointments. sometimes i rush home and sometimes i just savor the quiet. but me lallygaggin' on the way home is standard.

occasionally i pick up lunch, find a shady spot to park and read in the car, just me and the hum of the Air conditioner.

stealing a few quiet moments before i come home to the chaos.

sometimes i need to muster my strength before i wade into it. where the noise greets me at the door and clings to my leg.

-it's steamy hot today.

-i've already accomplished alot. like... Dentist, target, mopping, therapy. and hmmm i guess i'll take the herd swimming again.

my sunburn didn't blister. and it's mostly tan already with a little pink around the edges.

-i am getting another swimsuit to alternate between, so my tan lines don't take on such a distinct shape. i used to tan pretty dark back in the day. in recent years my pride has prevented much sun exposure but this year I'm going for it.

-since I'm swimming so much I'm guaranteed a nice golden brown color. at least on the parts above the water. i don't have time to languish in the sun like i used to to get an even color all over. i'm obligated to supervise and safeguard my littles.

i realized while driving today that i'm kind of a RECLUSE during the summer. sticking to just me and my own kids. what is that about? mostly because i think no one invites us to do anything. and maybe that is because i've given off the vibe that i'm not into going with my whole herd. so i'm going to change that.

I am open to doing things with my herd. anyone wanna go to lunch? wanna go do something fun? wanna hang out? i need some socializing and my kids do too.

seriously why do i have to be a recluse all summer? just because i have a large herd? let me know if you wanna get together? and we'll come up with something to do.

SERIOUSLY! tired of hanging out alone. are you brave enough?

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"FINE"al thoughts... said...

I saw you from Superhotmama's blog and since I am a crazy mama of six (five living) I thought I'd pop over and say howdy. I feel your pain about being a hermit, especially in the summer. Most of my friends don't have as many kids as I do (shocker, I know) so I think the sheer number of mine scares them off from hangin' out with us. Oh well. BTW my kids are the same ages as yours. I have 10, 8, 6, 4, and 15 months. We lost a daughter that would have been two this month...I just thought the common ages were funny! Happy summer...I'm sure I'll be back

Supercool Hotmama said...

Hey! Let's do a movie Fri morning!


I'm brave enough, I take my crew out a lot. We are always looking for ways to entertain the masses:)

Ruthie Girl said...

I liked one of your first thoughts, and I am now making myself a promise.

I will no longer hurry home like I am the most important person in the world and my kids desperately need me and just enjoy quiet time.

Your insights always cause personal insight for me.


Hulk Granny said...

Dude, there is no part of you that even resembles "recluse", no matter what season.

I think the wife does this too, as she'll go walking with Jen at 6 and all of a sudden it's like 9:30 at night and no sign of her.

Amy said...

I love a quiet car. Its kinda like going on a mini vacation. I don't intend to be a recluse in the summer but I find myself hiding out at home more and more these days. I think it the thought of having to pack everything up and getting from point A to point B that makes me think twice. Some people would call this laziness but I prefer to call it lack of energy.

sherry said...

I'm in! We haven't done lunch in like a year.

tammy said...

I always make extra stops on the way. Especially if dad is home with them. I know they're really not missing me anyway.

I tend to be a recluse in the summer too, but I mostly like it.

My Family said...

we can do lunch when I get back from Utah, my kids get bored at home and so do I, we could even just go to each others houses, I know Lindsey would be up for it.

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