Wednesday, June 24, 2009

shoes, shoes, too many freaking shoes...

Wednesday.....WTH? wanna know what we've been up to so far today?

well we sorted and purged shoes. all morning long, into the afternoon.

my mom came over at 10 (and made me get out of bed) and do it.

she would have done the shoe purging alone , but that's just risky.

as it is we eliminated TONS AND TONS of shoes.mostly thrown away.

some decent ones got donated to somewhere.

and the rest were shoes we couldn't find a match to. seriously somehow the left shoe of TONS of pairs got lost. how is that even possible?

where does the left shoe disappear?

we did it while kids were here, which led to considerable annoyance for us. either they were freaking about not getting rid of certain shoes. or who they were going to. or where and why. and ACCKK! it was a long morning.

and it became VERY obvious that i like certain styles of shoes. and i buy them in every size for certain kids. we had 6 different sized pairs of white mary jane keds , of course it was only the right shoe of each one. some were Liberty's a couple were Joy's and a few were Hope's.

the same thing happened with brown leather flip flops, that were the boys. 2 in one size, one in another. no matches. no pairs. seriously? it's a problem here.i have no idea how they manage it.


the shoe bins are cleaned out. and sorted. everyone has their allotment of shoes. and that is IT!

i need to bust out my label maker. maybe if i label them people will keep better track of whose shoes go where.

and from now on my mom has me committed to purging all the shoes people grow out of here, no more saving for the next kid. since they are trashed after one kid.

and really we have too much crap here to hold onto everything waiting to pass stuff along.

after all that fun, we needed some quiet time. or i did anyway. my mom went home to nap.

if people leave me alone for awhile, maybe we'll go swimming later.

hope you are having a wonderful wednesday.

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Are You Serious! said...

♥ We are always loosing shoes! Right and left... they could set one down leave for 10 seconds and it has mysteriously disappeared! So annoying! :)

tammy said...

Good job. I'm feeling the need to purge in other areas around here.

Jenn said...

You and Melissa (are you serious) should see if you can make a match with those missing there match.

Amy said...

I just did the same thing. But add one dog that needs to chew on shoes to the mix! Kids shoes are just annoying.

Devri said...

WE have a million pairs of flip flops, but nobody can find a pair to wear.. ?

Supercool Hotmama said...

I need size 12 boys. If you didn't already dump them in the bin at Fry's.

Leslie said...

Who needs shoes anyway...they are a pain in the butt!! Luke was wearing two different colored flip flops for awhile because I couldn't find the matching ones...turned out they were in my dads car but why were they mismatched in the first place? I need to purge before we go buy new school shoes. I need to purge a bunch of clothes too!

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