Thursday, June 25, 2009

My version of Farrah Fawcett feathered bangs.

as most people heard (i heard it over and over on Facebook of all places) yesterday 3 celeb icon's passed away . Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett.

some people were going to wear a white sparkly glove. in Tribute to Michael.

and i decided to Feather my Tribute to Farrah!

as evidenced here in my new FB profile pic.


here's an unedited picture. and do you see the wonder of my Tan line?

HELLO WHITE halter strap line. tan chest, tan back. white shoulder. NICE!


i have to confess that i had no idea how to go about Feathering my bangs. that was admittedly before my time. and well, i find the style less than flattering .

but i was committed to sporting the look for no other reason besides paying tribute to the late Charlie's Angel and taking a picture.

so. i attempted using a round brush and a blow drier. but it didn't give the right effect. Then i rustled up some Hair spray and a curling iron and went to work curling it up and out. (which i've never done before) hello not fabulous. when i had it all curled i combined the hairspray, and round brush and blowdrier technique for this finished product. it's as good as i get .

instead of putting make up on, i went with my over sized sunglasses. and lipstick. for the picture.

yup. fun. and there we complete my feathered transformation. my boys were pretty confused as to why i'd do that to my hair.


  • so how are you coping with the loss of such celeb Icons?
  • anyone sporting one white glove?
  • have you EVER worn Feathered bangs?
  • was it TOTALLY your ERA?

! admit it, you perfected your feathering technique.

  • Can you tell me how you did it?
  • Will you post a pic on your own blog and let me know so i can see it? pretty please?

OK have a Fabulous Friday.

we have movie fun, and it's pay day. so i'll be spending money like water again. i mean catching up from a week low on funds.

and i took this just to see which Michael Jackson song i am... and i don't think i've heard of it. i must check it out.

You're happy go lucky, and like to dance a lot!

here it is....

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Scrappy Girl said...

The Farrah hair was before me...but I did own a MJ tshirt and cassette! Love your blog...the colors are great and from one domestically challenged girl to another...I am looking forward to visiting you more. And yes...I absolutely have the "wasted life" feeling often.

CassiB said...

Yeah I can say I'm glad "feathered" is no longer in! Technically it was before my time but I grew up with older kids in the house so I was influenced by them. I would ask them to feather my hair because at one point my brother was wearing his feathered, and he was the coolest! Would've had a 6 inch hawk if my mom had gone along with it. Anywho if I remember right it is all in the wrist action, and all you really need is a comb, one of those ones with tighter teeth and one end pointy. Or my grandma had one with a wire pic on one end that was good.
I'm really not affected by their deaths. Even though they have been around all my life, people get old and die it's just how life is. and with the way celebrities live it's surprising that alot don't die younger. I do feel for Farrah's family tho, dealing with death after dealing with cancer totally sucks!

angie said...

I didn't know Ed McMahon died yesterday too.

I think you did a fantabulous job on your feathered bangs!

Jenn said...

I didn't know about Ed McMahon either--- you are breaking news for me here. Love the look- I think its cute on you.

Phelps Phamily said...

Ha, ha, ha. I had feathered hair as a kid. How your hair is cut is a big part of achieving the 'do. Weird celeb day yesterday. Weird celebs dying. Ed McMahon, not so strange but, MJ and Farrah were both on the freakish side of life.

Sweet Notations said...

The tribute to feathering was great!!! My sister had control of that in our house! MJ's music included many generations. My Addy actually did her whole campaign as "Thriller " with the dance and everything for school elections. He was a pop icon!!!!
loved his music and look in the 80's then he had to try and ruin his look. i think fame was to much for him to handle!!

Ruthie Girl said...

love all the tributes.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Is it bad that it's not a huge deal to me that they're gone... I feel bad for them and their families and for the way the press is bugging the crap out of them... If it was me I'd want some privacy...

I've never done feathered bangs... i've done big 80's bangs but not so much feathered. :)

KINHA said...

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mom2three said...

awesome job with the farrah hair!!! Rockin the feather girl!!!

SuperCoolMom said...

Vicki was using her disco moves to that song in Jr. High. As for Farrah, we were both from the original Charlie's Angels era and had the feathered bangs down. I'll have to post pics. (The goal is to avoid a flip but achieve a smooth feathered effect by rolling up and back with the curling iron, then combing back and spraying while they still have the comb marks.)

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