Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Joy! #4 is 7 today!

Joy is turning seven TODAY!




so let me introduce the wonder that is JOY.

just in case you don't already know and Love Joy.

*she's #4 out of 6.
(but you'd think she was #1 the way she rules the roost around here.)

*she loves all things fancy. (said like FAAANNNNCCCYYY)

*she has her own sense of style.....
as seen here the day i wasn't home to get her dressed for school.

obviously she can't tell what is actually her size
(wearing little sisters shirt and jeans, and big sister's shoes)

or here, on our way into barro's on the last day of school
it had rained so she needed a hat and coat.

and totally didn't care that that's a baby hat. that didn't fit over her bow.
and her coat was a 2T. it's a cropped jacket!

Joy is boy crazy! she has been since forever.

(darn it i couldn't find the video where she is talking about her CRUSH and singing.)

and gee i don't know where she get's that.

she likes....
  • boys.
  • the colors blue. and purple, and rainbow.
  • things that sparkle.
  • Horses and unicorns
  • all animals.
she's always talking about getting a new pet. or being a vet someday

Joy is a delight.

she's fun, and empathetic, and intelligent.

she's fiercely loyal, sensitive , and caring.

she loves adult attention.

anyone can be her friend. she loves to be social.

she talks non stop and she shares the funniest things ever.

she knows the rules and lets everyone else know it.

I'm sure sometime, I'd be horrified with the things she shares with other adults.

she doesn't know the meaning of censor.

she's like a 27 year old in a 7 year olds body. she's wise beyond her years.

she keeps me on my toes. and makes me laugh daily. my little family wouldn't be the same without her .

i hope she has a FABULOUS DAY! that all her wishes come true, may she have her hearts desires someday. (if she got her hearts desire today it would be a kiss from Rigg's and a new pet) both are things i can't offer her. but someday. she'll get what she wants out of life, i just know it. she's a go getter and when she sees what she wants she reaches out and snags it.

Happy Birthday Joy!
i love you bunches.
♥, mom!

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andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Joy! Hope she has a fun and happy day! And I hope she's nice to tires mama, since judging from the time you posted this, and that you are single-mama-ing it, you are gonna be tired today! ;)

tammy said...

I love Joy.

Happy Birthday!

mom2three said...

Happy Birthday Joy! I Hope she has a fabulous day!

Piper said...

Happy Birthday to your cute girl!!

CassiB said...

Julie what a sweet post.

Sweet Notations said...

Happy birthday joy!! Addy and I enjoyed having you in craft classes cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks at the classes again!!!

Belle said...

Happy, happy Birthday JOY!! I hope you have a great day!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I hope she has a great birthday! :)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Joy! We hope you have a great one. You are a doll. We love you.
-Aunt Wendy, Uncle Kent and all your Phelps cousins

Dendi said...

Oh my is she adorable!! Love her little bag of goodies. My fav is the air freshener. SO cute!

Happy Birthday Joy!

KATE said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Joy!

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