Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joy's birthday in crappy camera phone pictures!

The wonder of turning 7 in pictures....cruddy camera phone pictures, but pictures nonetheless.

have i mentioned that an unknown person lost my camera, and can't find it for me?
yeah well, what do you do when you need to take pictures? and don't have a camera?


so here is Joy's birthday in all it's camera phone glory.

on Thursday night at the in law june Birthday extravaganza complete with water slide.
yes i went alone with the kids.
impressive right?

and candle blowing
(why yes that is a hot dog Pierce is eating)
while Joy blows out a candle or two.

Here is Joy this morning after MOVIE FUN! it was very sunny so she was extra squinty.
but the fingers tell you how old she is.
yup SEVEN!

here's a shot of her birthday outfit that she'll tell you came from Liberty, well we all know who does the shopping but everyone likes to give a gift.
Gosh Liberty has some excellent taste.
even down to the blue flip flops with dangley sparkles.
(can you tell what Joy's current favorite color is?)
Oh and here is my herd and my sister maria's herd checking out the fountain.

here's joy over on the other side.

Line UP!
Hope, Joy, Liberty, Paxton, Peyton and Pierce.

after that good time we hit Costco. where joy went to the bathroom 4 times.
we lost our receipt and had to get a reprint.
we ate lunch. and bought churros and yet i never got any of that sugar coated goodness.

ah well my cleavage thanks me anyway. (have i mentioned that sugar coated effect every time i eat a churro? yeah well you'll never eat another churro without thinking about my cleavage)

it's just another service i offer.
a post isn't complete without mental pictures for your enjoyment/horror.

and then we chilled at home for a little bit, Grandma Jones came by to visit.

and then the girls and I went for Pedicures.
it was "Joy's sisters only pedicure birthday party."
i only took a couple pics with my camera phone at the trusty nail place. the rest i took with an antiquated disposable camera. yes, actual film, and no handy view screen.
it should be interesting.
i'll get it printed and on CD but first i gotta finish up the roll .
hee hee.

here is Hope in the chair waiting to dry

the girls dug on picking their own nail designs.
i really wanted to pick for them ,
and make them all get fuchsia and black,
but i exhibited amazing self control and let them pick for themselves.

here we are afterward....
clockwise from the top,
Hope's watermelon toes.
Joy's blue plaid in her new blue sparkle flip flops.
my silver and black argyle with hot pink stripe.
and Liberty's red, white and blue Stripe with stars.
pure fabulousness.
they were in heaven.
and already i heard
(Joy said it to hope in the car, for gasp,smudging one of her toes)

after that we hit the drive thru, and picked up food and made the trek home.
just in time to go get the Hubs from the airport.
on the way home, he and I went to get Joy's Birthday present...

a new BIKE!
she hasn't seen it yet, but can you guess what color we got?

oh and joy's other gifts? 2 webkinz, the new pink cherry bird, and the Guinea pig.
a beach towel and bag, the outfit, flipflops, and some underwear(yeah i do that, always have thought that was a fab gift) and...a play phone. oh and we are making glitter cups too, because that was part of the sisters party. I'll take pictures when we are done.

also ...

Oh the van is still in the shop. i guess it got done late this afternoon, but i never got the message.
the whole cooling system went out in the engine? water system? anyway. $700 bucks later. at least we can drive it without worrying about over heating.
yay. or the radiator losing water left and right.


and here's a last picture

i took it the other day,

of the kids lined up watching WIPEOUT together in the dining room!

and yeah there is a TV in there,
i thought the kids would not eat anywhere else in the house if they could eat and watch TV,
but they still sneak food places they shouldn't . ARGH.

in theory it was fabulous.

disclaimer about the Wipeout watching picture...

that laundry basket has toys in it. not laundry. just in case you noticed it.

and yes my table needs refinished.

I'm aware of that.

tomorrow we are continuing the birthday fun and going to see UP! with the family, going swimming, having cupcakes, and other festive delights.

and even though i bought cupcakes at Costco, i get to bake a cake too.

because joy said so.

can't wait.

Oh and i did reserve my supercool alias username URL crazymamaof6 on FB tonight.

yes i did.
of course i had no idea what the hell that meant but i looked it up and well, I'm good.

it goes live on saturday at midnight, Cool, now people can search for me by that name, i know more people that way than i do by my real name. i'm stoked i snagged it so speedy fast.

i hafta say, I'm glad the hubs is home and that Joy had a fabulous birthday.


annnd I'm out.

Hey, have a fabulous Saturday!

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Shannon said...

Happy birthday Joy! It looks like lots of fun was had. I LOVE the toes. I went to get my nails done yesterday and the salon was full of little fun!

donna said...

cute toes :)

Devri said...

happy birthday joy! my son broke my camera.. so now I only have my camera phone but can't find the adapter to upload the photos. ugh!

I love the toes

sherry said...

I can't believe you took all 6 kids to costco by yourself. I would rather poke out my eye. Crazy girl. Thus your name, I suppose;) Good snag on that by the way. How do you do that?


WOW... That girls had some serious partying going on. Can you be my MOm??? HAppy Birthday JOY!!!!!!!

CassiB said...

What fun! I agree you are crazy to take all 6 to costco by yourself, i don't like to even go to the grocery store with my 3.
love the toes. and the threat on Hope. LOL.

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