Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers day to the Hubs!

with pictures. shhh, it's recycled from last year, but really? why the heck not?

from the first time you became a dad. you've done your best.
you've sacrificed.
and help us cross the road safely!

you share lunch with us and never eat alone.
you take your responsibility seriously

you're the kind of Dad that leads by his example.and helps us on our way.
you're always ready for fun
and do wild and crazy things.

you've given all the kids a love of computers, not to mention a love of reading and an actual chance at math. and you constantly give them a chance to learn new things.
Happy Fathers day!
you are loved!
HUBTASTIC! you are the best dad to our kids. thanks for all you do. the dishes, the laundry. the meals you cook. and the diaper changes, and care of the kids. it's huge, you are the best . i love ya! i couldn't do it without you.
( well i can but it isn't near as fun without you around to giggle at the funny things they say and do).
Hope you have a great fathers day!
XOXO ,Julie

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Ruthie Girl said...

It is just as great and true this year.

Happy Father's Day.

Piper said...

Don't you just love a cute dad? Happy Fathers day to Crazypappa!!

CassiB said...

So cute! I love the crossing the road pic. Hope your Hubster has a great fathers day!

Phelps Phamily said...

I loved this. I didn't see it last year.

onehm said...

AWWWWWW, so sweet. You do have a fab hubtastic, and isn't it always so nice to remind them once in a while? :) Hope he had a great day!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

And Tell him Thanks again for coming to my rescue and fixing my car! Happy Father's Day L!

sherry said...

You are so nice! 3 posts for Father's Day. I posted the Father's Day pic and that was all I was up for. More than I have done in a long time actually. my poor husband has kind of gotten the shaft since my dad died. At least he got something this year;) You are making us all look bad!

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