Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm just sayin'...

do you ever talk to people that are always

wha wha wah!

poor me. i'm so pathetic.

bitch, bitch ,bitch. moan ,moan ,moan.

you offer solutions.

they ignore them. and do crap the same stupid way over and over again.

eventually you don't want to talk to them.

you can't be bothered to listen to their shiz.

secretly you think they suck.


OR you meet someone and they suddenly unload and tell you 45 minutes of whoa is me story.

and you overhear their conversation to someone else and think , holy crap what a whiny biotch, i'm so glad she isn't talking to me.

she is DUMB. she is whiny. she has a BAD ATTITUDE. WHAT IS HER PROBLEM?

why can't she fake that everything in life is grand?

what is wrong with her?

didn't anyone ever tell her no one wants to talk to a whiner?

no one wants to only hear negative, whiny, pathetic talk? ALL THE TIME?

sometimes the people you are talking to, have their own issues going on.

yeah. sometimes i think that.

sometimes i do that too.

i'm aware of it.

i'm just saying...

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Scrappy Girl said...

My inlaws drive me nuts with always being sick...I don't think my MIL has been well a day since I have known her...it drives me bonkers...and as her doctor Dr. Hubby gets pretty tired of it too. She actually keeps old antibiotics and says she can take one for a headache and it helps. LOL! We have told her time and time again that antibiotics don't work that way...she is so weird!

Jenn said...

I have a friend that I love to death, but every time we talk it is about how tragic her life is and she always has drama happening. I have just had to make the relationship a less in contact relationship. I love her though- but your right- it gets old.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ YUP!!! I moved far far away from my "issue" friend... Thank heavens!!! And I'm trying really hard to stay away from anyone like that here! I feel for you!

tammy said...

I seriously get tired of it. Especially if they won't listen to good advice or are refusing to make the changes necessary to be happy. And a lot of times they aren't even aware that people around them have their own problems, or if you try to tell them, they relate everything back to themselves. Bugs.

Devri said...

Yup, two in my ward!

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CassiB said...

yep, i know a few. sometimes i am in that mood but gladly it never lasts long. i always feel so drained afterwards, i can't imagine being like that all the time. it does get old.

Piper said...

the way to spot the whiners from the real people is:
Real people can LAUGH at all the crap going on! and, sometimes see the light!

Janelle said...

hilarious!! but what's worse, one of those or the one that has seen and done EVERYTHING anyone else has but only 10 times better??!!

jayna said...

oh yes. i know the very kind. and they talk about themselves all the time. keep doing the same stupid stuff over and over again, even though you've had conversations where they seemingly "understand" that they need to stop doing whatever it is. and yes, you find yourself distancing away from them... got a couple that i'm trying to steer clear of as we speak... too emotionally draining.


Tara said...

Did you realized you just complained about people complaining? I'm just saying.

Tara said...

I'm also totally joking, I realize you don't know me. If you heard me say that aloud you may have laughed. Maybe.

crystal said...

Hey, are you describing ME????

heh, heh.

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