Thursday, July 2, 2009

Glorious? spectacular? Shocking!

hey, how you doin' ?

tonight i went out with my cousins, and sister.

it was FABULOUS!

  • i got dessert first.
  • I saw a funny MOVIE!(ahem for the 2nd time in a week)
  • I cackled out loud ALOT. (my much needed laugh therapy)

and everything is WONDERFUL now.

yep. sometimes ya just need the right night out with the right people and the world is a better place.

Ahhhhhh. (sigh of relief.)

okey what else is up?

i went all day and i didn't log onto my blog. SHOCKING. same with Facebook. (well besides on my cell phone). but still no quality time at the computer at all.

i was busy busy. cleaning shiz, swimming with my peeps, laundry, cleaning. yay me!

JUST in case you couldn't tell, that last post was brought to you by my Aunt (who just came to visit, Flo)

hell yes! i know. Glorious wasn't it?

so, i was in a funk.

ideally things will be alot brighter pretty darn quick here (once the PMS passes and the caffeine and chocolate kick in). but no guarantees.

BUT! the bright side of that RAD visit from my aunt is...

I'm not knocked up.(not that there was a worry there but ya know, proof is nice)


QUESTIONS for My FRIENDS.... (this means you if you are reading)

what are you doing on the 4th?

any spectacular plans?

what do you do when you need to get out of a funk?

i obviously need to go out, eat dessert and laugh alot. a little escape, it always lifts my spirits.

HEY! thanks for stopping by and COMMENTING!

I hope you have a DELIGHTFUL DAY!

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Scrappy Girl said...

I love to go out with good friends to see a funny movie too...and probably eat chinese!

I get tickled when I look back over my blog and see the "PMS" posts. It amazes me how much that it takes over your mood and attitude.

CassiB said...

i like your pms posts because it tells me i'm not the only one that deals with that crap! i hate how it takes over your life. for your sake i hope the chocolate/DP kick in soon.
to get out of a funk it depends, on other peoples moods. my hubby can usually make me laugh unless he is in the mood to give me a hard time-he has very bad timing and has gotten his head ripped off or psycho tear infested rants by me because of it. my kids are the same way, either they do cute things to make me laugh or they bicker and piss me off worse. needless to say when my family is not uplifting for me i need to get away, even if it is a hot soaky bath after everyone goes to sleep or a good walk around the block to clear my mind. and CHOCOLATE AND CAFFINE ARE HELPFUL TOO! ie-snickers and DP

Laura said...

I love to laugh too it cures a lot. So what was the movie? We saw My sister's keeper which was good (especially because it ended different from the book) and I did like it. But it did not make me laugh!

Glad your feeling better.


Nothing like a good laugh, chocolte, and especially caffine to cures what ales ya!!!

elle said...

Getting my toes painted, fabric shopping, just getting an hour without children...It's all good

Amy said...

Talking on the phone always makes me feel better. Shopping is good but talking on the phone is much cheaper! I would love to go out but its not in the cards. I have to pack for the family vacation. But instead of packing I'm on the computer. Like usual.

crystal said...

When I'm in a funk, I do the same as you: hightail it outta Dodge and go laugh my @ss off in a funny movie.

Well, ANY movie will do, really.

onehm said...

Funkaliscious solutions:
reading a good book ALONE in my bed.
sleeping in.
quiet time on the computer.
easy meals so I don't have to go to alot of trouble or work.
time. (wait it out)

No big plans for the fourth here. We're still trying to decide where to watch fireworks...we may have to crash your party again this year... :)

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