Thursday, June 25, 2009

rare moments of friendship and tomato worms.


this pic was taken during a rare moment of friendship between my boys. on one of our many trips to the pool. Pierce loves to hang out with his big brothers and they like to help him.

today is not one of the days they are smiley and happy to be brothers. a couple of them fight more than other siblings. constant competition for the same things causes some major issues.

it wears on me.

if only the moments of friendship weren't so rare.


My mom brought some Tomato worms over today. it's VERY EXCITING!

i'll take pictures later. and maybe we'll catch their dance on video.

the kids are IN HEAVEN!

who new little pests could be so exciting?

we are very scientific.

last summer we watched the life cycle of a corn worm. we even had it turn into a moth and flying away. yeah that was cool.


and FYI don't cut a Jalapeno and leave it in the fridge in the baggie within reach of a toddler. he licked that sucker all the way down the length of it. and came crying about a burning tongue. i got him a cup of milk. then picked it up . washed my hands and sat down at the computer. i was dumb enough to itch my nose and rub my eye. and WHAHLAH! feeling the burn. YOWZA! it was rather unpleasant.

lesson learned. fresh Jalapeno is not my friend.

but it did make some ROCKIN' Salsa today and some freaking RAD homemade Guacamole!
i hate to brag but i've got some MAD skillz.

and we are off to go swimming again . WHOOHOO!

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Phelps Phamily said...

You definitely have mad salsa making skills. I love your salsa. One of the best salsas I have ever had!!!

Jenn said...

K- tomato worm experiment- very cool. We are supposed to be doing something like that for the kids to learn a little in the summer, but we'll see if it happens. Way cute picture of the boys! I hope we get to swim at all this summer!!! I am so jealous.

CassiB said...

You are so way cool to have science experiments. I need to find a new salsa recipe, mine is good but getting old! That is the cutest pic of your boys, and i totally understand the only getting along everyonce in a while thing! oy!

onehm said...

That pic is DARLING! And I love the quote too...aren't you creative?!!

Bummer about Pierce's tongue. :( And your eyes, apparently!

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