Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Punk kids, Roxy backpacks, fuchsia laundry baskets- assorted random crap.

Randomness at it's finest... assorted random crap. as it pops into my head, i know you are stoked to share in the wonder of these delights!

here we go....

Today Hope called Pierce a "Punk kid". it made me chuckle to myself, and i wonder where she learned that phrase? i have to admit it's better than her standard "IDIOT!"


pretty quickly after that Hope and Pierce were chanting that they wanted to go to McDonald's to play, and have ice cream. Paxton comes up and she tells him.

he turned around and said, " it's nice to want! Doesn't mean you are gonna get what you want!"

he was just being mean because he WANTED to go swimming all day. but didn't get what he wanted either.

and seriously what is with people demanding things? all day. i want, i want!
and assuming because they want it , it's gonna happen? um no! that's not how this mama works.


Joy is scared to go anywhere alone in the house now after seeing Spiderwick last week. officially freaked her out. i tried to tell her she was safe inside "the circle" but she wasn't buying it. maybe if i gave her some salt to sprinkle around?


i finally took down my Easter decorations and put up some Fourth of July Stuff! finally!

it's only the end of June.


I'm super stoked about the Dorm stuff at Target. they have Fuchsia laundry baskets. i need some more Laundry baskets. and of course i want Fuchsia ones.


while enjoying some retail therapy the other night i saw ROXY backpacks at TJmaxx. I'll be taking the girls on Friday to pick out their school bags.

sure it's only June, but if i spread out the expense it might not kill me this year. 6 kids starting school. yeah i have to spread out the wonder. all summer long. i also have to prep the house all summer for ease of use for back to school. i WILL get ready early!


do you do the FB quizzes?

i don't normally publish them but sometimes i take 'em.


which pin up am I?



you're a funny girl, always very sweet and lovable... full of friends but sometimes a bit shy... when u are in relationship you always give to ur partner all ur heart! you are very creative and full of imagination! everybody loves you!!

this quiz was chock full of poor grammar and spelling.

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andrea said...

Six kids starting That's a lot of backpacks. I only have half that number but am already dreading the shopping. Especially for the sophomore that isn't wearing uniforms to school anymore. One thing about the uniforms, they are a much cheaper way to outfit kids once the kids get older! Especially when this kid thinks that discount shopping is "above her"....okay, as long as she likes her 1 pair of pants and 2 shirts that she blows my budget on, that's fine! :)

Devri said...

Fuchsia? I haven't heard that on your blog for awhile now. Good you still covet it! lol

all 5 girls are going to be in elementary school this year.. poor school!

tammy said...

I'm school shopping already. I bought Connor a new backpack and matching lunch box yesterday. Or I should say I ordered it on-line because it was on sale. And I've already bought them a few t-shirts. But then again we start at the end of July.

I think you should buy the laundry baskets. Whatever makes doing laundry more fun, I'm all for.

mom2three said...

I love target!!!
Bella starts school in August and I have already begun school shopping...she got a hannah montana backpack( she choose it not me) and hannah montana lunch box( again her not me)...
And about facebook quizes yep I love them!

Janelle said...

Yikes!! I dread shopping for my 3, 6 is crazy! I do alot of ebay shopping though, thank goodness my teenage girls are not above "recycled"'s vintage!! ;)

CassiB said...

tilly's had dickies and fox backpacks for 5 bucks, my sis went the other day. i missed the deal as usual this was sat so there are not likely to be any left. i need to get going on school stuff too.
i take fb quizzes. sometimes i post them sometimes i don't.

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