Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quirks,flair, flourishes.

While you may call them Quirks. oddities. eccentricities. mannerisms.

i like to call 'em Flair or flourishes.

everyone has some. some of them are habits, and some are so innate,that we don't even realize we do them.

here's a few that i (don't always) realize, i Fancy. favor. frequent.gravitate toward. or prefer.

i wink -at strangers, friends, kids, adults, men, women. in real life and online ;) all the time. a smiley isn't good enough for me. it's always a wink. even when i try to just smile. it's a wink and a smile. when i was single I'd sit at church and wink at people sitting on the stand. it's funny to watch and see when they'd notice. I come from a family that winks at everyone randomly.

i ♥ fart machines. i think they are hilarious. the hubs has a virtual one on his phone and i derive immense pleasure out of playing with it. there is even a timer, so you can set it to fart later. although this particular oddity on my part comes back to bite me on occasion. Yesterday a solicitor came to the door. as i'm sending him away, Joy comes up with the fart machine and lets one rip. and walks away. ARE YOU freaking KIDDING ME?

i use exclamation points! anything and everything can be an exclamation! Seriously! Totally! Fo shiz! i often get tagged on my labels on posts, it doesn't allow exclamation points, i'm always having to delete them! it's annoying!

I often COL ! that means cackle people. CACKLE OUT LOUD! sometimes i gol ! meaning Giggle out loud! it bugs when people overuse LOL. if i use it, you are pretty much guaranteed that i really did Laugh, giggle , or Cackle! LMAO? well my A$$ doesn't actually fall off, but you can bet someone else in the house heard me laughing loudly when i typed that.

I ♥ Balls. (bouncing rubber balls,sheesh people!) I always have to buy a ball. the quarter machine at Old Navy? LOVE IT and i'll get one for everyone! Racquetballs . pinky balls. playground balls. beach balls. baseballs, basketballs, golf balls. swirly balls in the pastel colors inside the GIANT cage at the store? love them. can't resist bouncing a ball. or throwing one. I ♥ shooting hoops with the kids (someday they will have awesome defensive skills if they play on a team, because I'm always stealing the ball so they have to learn to block me) . every christmas everyone get's a ball. i think they are an awesome gift for kids of any age and any ability! great for playing alone or in a group!

so that's me for the day. name your quirks.

share. open up! CONFESS! divulge.

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tammy said...

I didn't know that about the balls. Connor shares that obsession. Anywhere there's a bouncy ball, we have to buy ut.

I think I probably knew everything else.

mom2three said...

haha those are some good ones! I use lots of exclamation points too!!!! I do not use abbreviated text though...I can't type (Lol) I have to type hahaha!!
I am a chapstick and lipstick addict...I have at least 30 in my purse, more in my makeup box, 1 beside my bed and one even hidden in the couch cushions!!!

jayna said...

i loved this post!! i will have to do this on my blog... but it's gonna take some thinking!! i love how well you can pin point stuff like this, reign it in and type it up. years ago, in one of my college classes, we had a teacher who used creative "sparks"... those sparks would include a great picture, or a saying, or a story etc. that would 'spark our creative juices'. there are definitely times (like this post), that i consider a little creative spark in my day. thanks a bunch.. hugs.

CassiB said...

I love me some superfluous exclamation!!! also i may over use lol but guaranteed i am or did laugh out loud. at times i am brought to laughter very easily. it drives my hubby crazy that i use lol. i figure as long as i actually did it's ok to use. i can't think of any quirks-practically perfect in every way i s'pose or just not observant.

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