Thursday, July 23, 2009

13 random delights thursday!

1. i baked brownies @ midnight . after eating one i started to feel slightly puketastic so i chased it down with a salad. i MUST ALWAYS balance the sweet with some salty or at least less sweet.ALWAYS! that's why my favorite quote "Life is uncertain eat Dessert first!" makes so much sense to me!

2. do you ever look at peoples facebook pics and think, "WOW they have HUGE foreheads!" or "seriously? that's the picture you picked?!" i'm not saying i think that, i just wondered if you did? spill it! you know you do!

3. sometimes i feel like a stellar example of mothering. like when i cook the actual dinner for the kids at 10pm. STELLAR! (by the way they weren't hungry before that, they had pizza at 5:00. i find if i wait long enough they eat way better than offering food on a normal schedule, they often opt out of what's offered. this way they are always hungry enough to eat it.

4. sometimes i think kids get what they deserve. like a black eye on a little brother from an older sister (for whacking her with the broom.)<span class=

i kind of hope he learned his lesson. i might take pics as it gets darker, it's gonna be a nice shiner.

(you can't tell as well in black and white but see the part where it broke the skin and bleed while it swelled? sad)

Joy said i should "go out and buy that kid a steak to put on his black eye"

5. I super love playing Guitar hero and Rockband with my kids.


<span class=

seriously love love hearing Liberty singing MISERY BUSINESS by Paramore.

<span class=

it's good family fun.

we just have to remind Joy not to sing the A-word when she sings New kid in school.

but she announced tonight she's gonna cuss all she wants when she's a grown up.

that one makes her own rules.

6. i could do without getting nailed in the head with a mini football. Pierce needs to remember to say,"mom, catch!"

7. the hubs loves me. wanna know how i know? he bought me a WHOLE CASE of this chapstick. Now that is LOVE


8. I can't kick the whole thinking in facebook status mode. and what is with the whole

FACEBOOK FRIEND... IS.... (and that's it?) does that mean that person just is? or does is secretly mean they are "droppin' a Deuce" ? hmmm maybe they've got the runs and that is code for they are facebooking on their cell while doing it. like FACEBOOK FRIEND IS...(FACEBOOKING WHILE SHIZZZIN')

a little something to think about there huh?
admit it, you are so gonna giggle the next time you see someone post that as their status.

if you EVER see me post (Crazymama is...) you know what i'm doing. ;)

9. currently my favorite place to go is this super secret super-delish custard and burger place ! i'm slightly addicted. the girl at the drive thru recognized me from the weekend. 3 times.

only 3 times EVER and i'm getting recognized as a 'regular'! what is that about? i only got a burger once. Sundaes the other 2 times.

10. the other day i went to the grocery store and no less than 7 employees said hi! and/or can they help me? it's hot out there talk! then 4 other random people shopping kept smiling at me and saying Hi and/or discussed the heat.

It made me wonder if i had toilet paper danglin' , or if there was something weird about me that made people take notice and SMILE.

usually i assume it's my considerable cleavage making customers and employees alike stare and smile. but sometimes i wonder if they are thinking "HOLY CRAP! that lady! she's so unfortunate i can't help but smile and chuckle at her."

it could happen. maybe that's exactly what they are thinking, you'd tell me right? if that's what people thought of me? you'd tell me in a nice way though right?

the hubtastic's theory was that i put off this friendly persona and people like that so they are friendly and nice to me.

of course i lean towards they must be mocking me and find me horrifying and grotesque. (true)

11. I changed my comment form check it out and while you are there checking it out, leave me a comment why don't ya?! please and thank you!

12. I'm ALREADY thinking about the school talent show for this year,

thinking wouldn't this child... Joy, be adorable

singing POPULAR from Wicked


(it's the first song on my playlist, click on it and take a listen if you don't already know it and love it)

i can just imagine the wonder. i also think she'd need private Voice lessons to achieve that , I'm considering it. what do you think?

and this coming from a mom that resists all participation in extracurricular activities.

sheesh 13 randoms are hard to scrounge up. in the middle of the night.

13. how about a playlist tidbit? i ate a brownie so i searched for brownie in the search bar on then i searched for salad. both odd search words had multiple songs.

Pierce enjoyed and started dancing to the Brownie smile song from the girl scouts. so it got added.

then Fruit salad came up from the WIGGLES! So, it got added too.

Just in case you end up listening to either of those, you know why.


  • what is the craziest search word you've looked up on did it have a song?
  • are you a participant in school sponsored extracurricular activities? or do you resist?
  • do you consider yourself insecure? should i feel insecure?
  • is there anything that makes you feel like a less than Stellar parent?

so hope you are having a superfabulouso Thursday!

P.S. i slept in my bed with 4 kids. it was CROWDED. i woke up around 10:30.
Joy woke up and rolled over and said,"oh it's 10:45 i better get up!" somehow i find that hilarious. i wanted to just lay in bed and watch noggin.

OH and i lost my voice. it was weak anyway from guitar hero the other night, but i played again yesterday and sang, then i sang along with my playlist all evening while typing this post . i'm screwed. my voice is gone and People are running wild and can't hear me when i yell. Fabulous!

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Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

ok, so I told myself, I really, truly need to quit finding and adding any more blogs to my blog reading list!

(it is that or finding that I will forever be in front of our computer...just keeping up with my blog reading!)

BUT, here I am-loving your sense of humor and becoming a follower. I found you through A, which led me to B, and on to C, and tah-dah, I landed on your blog!

Maybe it's cuz i'm new to blogging, but I really do like to read all the updated posts and do enjoy commenting-forewarning, although I will try my best not to leave a comment on every entry...can't promise that I won't).

Your kids are adorable and what a great resource for your wonderful posts :o)

If ya take a peek at my blog, please leave a comment so I know that you were there... (I agree with you regarding comments and love to get them)

Blessings & Aloha!

CassiB said...

lol Julie. (really i did)
LOVE Joy and the things she says. That girlie is gonna be a fun teenager! hehe.
i've never searched
not really into extracurricular activities, did viola last year for the oldest tho.
i am mostly insecure, you should not feel insecure, i agree with the hubs. you just have that personality that makes people smile and feel comfy around you.
i feel less than stellar almost daily but that is so made up for when the girls say something like "you are the best mom ever" or they are so sad that i have to go out to 2nd job again.
Hope you have a superfabulouso thursday too.
p.s. i may be talking my hubs to take me to that secret place, have been craving it since you brought it up.

CassiB said...

oh my goodness, PS&S. like I needed another blog to add to MY list. only had time to glance but i may be hooked!

tammy said...

I love the things that come out of Joy's mouth.

There are too many things that make me feel less than stellar as a parent. If I were to list them here I'd start to feel depressed.

tammy said...

Oh and I did let Connor do Space Camp at school last year. That's the only extracurricular school thing he wanted to do.

Amy said...

I never do school activities. School activities make me crazy. I try to distract my son so that he forgets....

I don't consider myself insecure, I consider myself CRAZY!!

Less than stellar parent? Me? Never! OK every night before I go to bed I berate myself for spending too much time doing other things and not doing fun stuff with the kids. But then I wake up and the whole cycle starts all over again:facebook, cleaning, facebook, reading, cleaning, dinner, facebook, reading, trash my mothering skills, sleep.

Fawn said...

haha! Love it!

Belle said...

Love, love, love the post. I had to click over to my facebook account to make sure my forehead isn't too large. It's debatable! I'm changing it today! :)
I also LOVE your hubby! A whole box of the best stuff? Steller man!
I help at my boys chool, have been the PTO pres for 2 yrs. But, I'm done. I'm having another baby in 8 weeks, and frankly it's a hard job that pays me, umm, NOTHING!!
Love you Crazy Mama! Keep up the good work!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

:o) thanks for commenting on my blog and my comments...

now to comment back to your comments:

Thank you for the kind words and for checking my blog out.

Oh, yes! I appreciate the grad is so exciting, and I know my hubby is in full agreement that HE is very happy I am done...after 2 years of the program and oh, the occasional moments of "whiney-ness". (I was the oldest of my 24 classmates, for goodness sakes! I claim the reasoning behind my obsessive 24 hr study madness is due to the fact that at this age, I had to go over and over and over to get it down pat). How exciting for you and looking to hear good things and reports concerning your nursing school endeavors!

Our son (aka "heartbreaker" -name given by his older sister)- was diagnosed at 14yrs with non-hodgkins Burkitt's-like B cell lymphoma-one of the fastest growing. they put him in a trial protocol that instead of 2 yrs was over 5 months... shorter length of time, but more intense treatments.

I will pass along your words of appreciation for my hubby's military service... and yes, I am so glad I twisted his arm to take that photo for me! He is such the extrovert and cuts up, so I wasnt sure what I was going to get, in the way of a pose! But I love it :o)
*best be closin this mini-blog!*

Blessings & Aloha!
& come back any time!

Sarah said...

#9. you're totally busted. just remember, a better brand of beef makes a butter burger better.

back in wisconsin they ran a promo where you got a freebie if you could say that 5 times fast.

man, now i need some custard.

mom2three said...

haha, funny random things...the facebook status when it just says annoying....but if you do it It will be funny cause Ill know what you are doing!!! haha!
As for your questions...craziest thing I put in on playlist was probably " do it" and yep I got stuff...why I put that in I don't remember. None of my kiddoz are in school yet so nope on that for insecure, not really...well maybe only in a swimsuit.
I always feel less than a stellar parent on monday-friday...haha! Sometimes I guess when I see how people do all these activities I mean educational stuff....with their kid/kids; and I am like lucky if I get breakfast/lunch/and dinner made sometimes and I only have 3...Julie I don't know how you do it!

Laurie M. said...

Oh, CrazyMama, I've missed your blog! I'm trying to visit more often. I love the random everyday life in this post. And yes, I do think some people pick weird pics for their facebook profiles.

Cecily R said...

When Joy sings Popular PULEEEEEEEEEZE record it so I can hear it!

Of course I look at people's pics on FB and wonder why they chose them....and now I will think about foreheads too.

You KNOW I am often thinking about how not stellar my parenting skills are...but its okay that my kids have only eaten instant oatmeal and mac and cheese today, right?

P.S. Rumpuses are RAD.

Jenifer said...

I always judge peoples facebook pics...i can't help myself. I'm like, "really? That's the best picture of your self?" heehee.

sherry said...

Hey, I had the same thing happen to me today! For some reason people I wouldn't expect were smiling and waving to me! I recently lost 5 pounds in my boobs, so I am pretty sure it wasn't cleavage. Still have the double chin, so they didn't think I was hot. I just thought people were unusually nice today. Not that people aren't usually. But it was people you wouldn't expect. Or I wouldn't expect, anyway. Gotta go, my kids are having a dance party to your playlist. Must join them;)

onehm said...

mmmm that secret place is sooooo yummmmmmy. Glad that you like it too.


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