Friday, July 17, 2009

No doze and Redbull

There were 10 kids partyin' down tonight at my house...

10 kids 10 and under.

my 6 plus 1 niece and 3 nephews for a sleepover!

the Volume level was INSANE!

multiple Computers blasting YOUTUBE videos

(Boogie woogie Hedgehog)

Disney channel was blaring on 3 TV SCREENS,

Playing Rockband on the Wii in the Basement.

Finally it was bedtime

i drew the line at 11:30

and shut everything off to make everyone lay down.

(my sisters kids won't go to sleep if anything stimulating is on)

instantly there was giggling and silliness.

My almost 3 year old kept turning the TV back on as soon as i walked away.

so i removed him from the sleepover festivities.

i may have threatened everyone else

to lay down and go to sleep.

more giggles could be heard upstairs in the kitchen where i was killing time until they were all settled down.

around 12:32 am

there were distinct sounds of hopping around,

jumping on furniture.

so i Hollered down the stairs to lay down .

Someone started Tickling other people.

others were getting cranky and shushing everyone.

i snuck down the stairs armed with my camera to document the wonder.

and snagged this.


and this...


and finally this

but it lasted only as long as the picture took to take.


I swear it's like i gave them all

NoDoze and Red Bull

for dinner.

while i thought the hubs would be helping out with the insanity,

he hid out in the office playing cheesy video games.

once i (allegedly) started screaming and sending some of my own kids

to their rooms for riling everyone else up,

he stepped in.

at that point

i might have said,

"I thought you were helping?



that just got the kids Laughing again.

i couldn't resist a little cackling myself,

he had to laugh too.

then he told me to CHILL!

so i'm blogging.

it's 1:15 and they are talking.


we have movie fun tomorrow.

my sister (their mom) is coming at 8:00am to get ready .

that's like 4 hours before i got up today.

(what? i've been sick!)

i have a feeling these kids are gonna be pretty tired tomorrow.

I know I'm gonna be tired tomorrow.

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Do me a FAVOR? remind me Sleepovers are NEVER a good idea!

1:52 and i'm ready to give up

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Oh, my word! How fun! Cousin time is the best, unless Mama is trying to get some sleep.

Such fun pics - thanks for sharing! I'm sharing about cousins this week too; hope you'll stop by!

CassiB said...

How fun! love cousin sleepovers! or should i say i loved them when i was little.
we had cousin sleepovers two nights in a row only it was for babysitting purposes. love having teenage nieces!! good times!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

All-nighter same as Sleep-over!

Emily said...

Hilarious! Definitely sounds like you had a chaotic night! How many cups of coffee did you need to get going today? ;)

Devri said...

lol, I am crackin' up, we had 14 kids 11 and under last week.. Insane!!! You must be just like me... crazy!!!! lol

mommaof4wife2r said...

now that's fun...and coffee can rescue a tired soul the next day for some good old fashioned fun!

Carie said...

Sleepovers are for the birds! Both for the person having it, and for the person whos kid is not sleeping the entire night and then come homes and is a monster the entire day! I see nothing good out of sleepovers except that the kids love them, I guess that should count for something, which is why we still have them, but I curse them everytime!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ The best part of sleep overs are when they're ASLEEP! :)

mom2three said...

I am exhausted after reading that! I so remember those days though...and my parents yelling at us to all be quiet...except I don't think they were that nice about it! If it weren't so hot sleepover in tents in the backyard are always fun...that way they can just bug your neighbors...haha

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

I loved sleep overs as a kid! What a blast! Well...exhausting and a blast! I would have said the same thing to my husband, of course.

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