Sunday, July 12, 2009

My fabulous 5 year old!

My baby girl is 5 today.

5 {FIVE} Fabulous things about Hope....

1. she's my baby girl. she's sweet and loves to cuddle. she's perfectly girly she loves hair bows and wearing dresses. she brags about her "big earrings" grandma gave her.


2. She has blue eyes. she's the ONLY ONE out of 6 kids with blue eyes in the family. i always love to see the pictures of my 3 girls and they all have different color eyes.

3. Hope is Shy! she's happy to stay home all day. she used to sit on my lap quietly instead of playing with friends on lunch dates. she's finally gotten over her shyness a little and will play with her friends. she loves her quiet time and will happily entertain herself .

4. She is the favorite sibling of everyone (except the sister that shares her room) she's a sweet sister, and everyone loves to play with her because she's happy to just play along with whatever game they are playing right then. Pierce loves her the best and is always so happy to see her, if she hasn't been around he always has to give her a hug. they are best friends.


5. Hope is easygoing ALL THE TIME (unless of course she doesn't want to go somewhere, and everyday for the first hour after she has woken up). she knows what she wants and almost always asks sweetly for it. she's so cute and nice it's hard not to give her everything she asks for.

Dear Hope,

You are my sweet baby girl, Oh, how I Love you! I hope you have a delightful year this year. Now that you are 5 and a big girl you are going to school all day and i know you will love it, but i'll miss having you home with me.

I won't however miss your mess making and soap wasting, and If you could just please stop yelling and calling everyone Idiot and potty words all morning long i'd love you even more.

I hope you have your best birthday ever. Happy Birthday my sweetest one!

I'm so Happy that you are mine. I LOVE YOU FOREVER!



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picture credits...

Flag picture of my 3 girls courtesy of Ashley at Sunshine and Shade Photography

Shy pictures and "Daddy, hold my hand" courtesy of Matt at Still life studios

Pettiskirt pictures take by me, CRAZYMAMA!

Pettiskirt purchased @ bodacious bling boutique



Happy BIrthday Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tammy said...

That was sweet.

I loved the pics you chose to go along.

Such a cutie.

Happy Day Birthday Girl!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Hope! Gavin says Happy Birthday too and wants to know when she is having her party!

My Family said...

Happy Birthday Hope!!!! She does have amazing blue eyes, she is such a sweet little girl and I hope she has a great day!!! I love all the pics esp. the one where she is hiding her face on the chair, I love it!!!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Hope- Those pictures are so sweet.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Hope!!! Her pictures are sooo cute!! Love the *My Mom Rocks* shirt too :)

andrea said...

So cute. She looks like such a sweetheart in her pictures. :)

I have some kids that aren't "morning people" at my house too....recently they've been spending a while in their rooms all alone until they are ready to come out and act decent. Why in the world do they need to try and ruin everyone's (including MY) day?!?!! ;)

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