Wednesday, July 8, 2009

confessions from laundry mountain.

OY VEY! so we can see the laundry room floor. it's a MIRACLE.

did i ever confess that the hubs prefers to sort clothes onto the floor before putting it in the washer? yeah well one time awhile back it got out of CONTROL. like super huge mountain out of control. i just shut the door. stuff got added.

i didn't put it there, so i wasn't cleaning it up. and thus began the UGLIEST CYCLE OF MY LIFE.

so fast forward past laundry mountain growing. and growing, and growing.

i didn't want to climb laundry mountain to put away clean clothes.

i didn't wanna wash dirty clothes.

the only person seemingly traversing laundry mountain was Pierce. who would go in, and dump out stuff from the Pantry that happens to be one end of the laundry room.

i guess it's technically called something else when it has multiple purposes. but whatever.

let me tell you boxes of Macaroni and cheese dumped out so the dry macaroni collected on laundry mountain like snow nestling in the cracks and settling to the bottom was unsavory.

i was NOT going in there and touching anything.

what do you think the likelihood of me wanting to tackle the laundry at that point was?


and i hate my life. seriously.

So my sister who pities me. and loves me on occasion, was approached by the hubs to come help me. (for pay)

"to get my crap in order."

and finally with her help. and the guilt of her doing it without my help i finally managed to tackle the laundry room/pantry floor. and sweep that crud up. the clothes have been sorted into baskets. some went into garbage bags to go home and be washed with her. and some with my mom. and some made it into the trash as we went.

eventually my laundry will be clean. and then sorted. and then purged. that is the plan.

and then....i might be able to manage my reality. MAYBE.

so today i celebrate my small miracle. and thank those helping me get my crap in order.

Someday. i might get it under control .

yeah so confession of the day. don't judge me.

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Scrappy Girl said...

I have climbed laundry mountain and conquered it! You can do it!

Carie said...

I hate laundry so much! I really hate the putting away part! There are certain cleaning things that just really bother me like laundry, putting away dishes, dusting, and mopping, and bathrooms! I like Vacuuming, and thats about it! I think I need a house cleaner and a cook! That would solve my problems, and make me so happy!

Becky said...

Once my DH "washed" ALL the dirty clothes in the bathtub b/c the washer was broken. Then he set them out to dry in the front room. They were EVERYwhere and they stank. After he went to work I gathered them all up in garbage bags, went to the laundry mat and rewashed and dried them. It was an all day chore and I was so mad at him for ruining my day. I took a picture of the front room before I bagged it all up to wash. I hope you took a picture of your mountain.

Sweet Notations said...

Mine is the office and if i could tackle it and organize it my husband would be one happy camper!!!!!

andrea said...

I hate laundry. And bathrooms. And dusting. Al those things that REALLY, they might get done and clean, but the clean part only lasts about 5 minutes. It's just an endless circle. So I am not judging you, as long as you don't judge me and my perpetually dusty house, dirty bathrooms, and laundry piles in my house. :)

Jenn said...

I'm having laundry issues today too- my drier broke. I guess I will be building a laundry hill now. Want to compete for the biggest hill? Just kidding.

Hulk Granny said...

My laundry gets clean and dried with no problem. The problem is, nobody wants to fold it or put it away. I haven't seen the tops of the washer and dryer in a month.

CassiB said...

we have laundry monsters at my house. a clean laundry monster and a dirty laundry monster. i won't judge if you don't. i really don't think there is any part of housework that i actually like. umm trying to think here, maybe baby laundry, yep that's it baby laundry. it's so small it only takes one load, it smells so baby good and if it is left in the basket after it's washed baby doesn't complain about not being able to find something. now i just need to find me a baby and my problem is solved!

Taryn said...

I have mine separated into little mini mountains. Two separate ones in the kids' rooms and one in my closet. Every now and then that one gets too tall and falls over and blocks the closet door. But when I finally do it all I usually find clothes I forgot I had so it's kinda' like getting something new. lol

blah, blah by lindsey said...

laundry is not my friend EVER!! my laundry "closet" in basically just piles of clothes that don't fit plus, dirties, plus, plus...honestly i haven't seen my laundry "closet" floor in months. i am pretty proud of myself for folding all the laundry that was on the laundry chair in my family room. too bad i have another load done in the dryer! I HATE LAUNDRY!!!!

tammy said...

Thanks for the reminder that I need to get off the computer and go do laundry and about 10 other projects!

Andrea said...

YAY!! Thank goodness for nice sisters & moms for helping! I don't enjoy laundry too much either. It's the mountains of sorting {washing & drying not so bad} then the folding, hanging up, sock matching, etc etc. blek

I feel your pain :)

elle said...

I am SOO glad i'm not the only one who does this. My poor mother, she is such a clean freak, my house gives her attacks. So every so offen, she goes into my garage where my washer and dryer are and she just bags all of my sheets/blankets and takes them home to wash. For me, clothes are easy, i wash them during the NASCAR race on sunday. (I'm a redneck, i know). But sheets, towels and blankets? NEVER do them.

Vidal's Nest said...

Holy Crap you have me laughing! I am SO there too! I saw what you wrote on facebook and had to read your post. I swear some days we live the same life. Too bad it's not the great parts!
I just picked up two bags from the laundromat and it feels good seeing clean, folded clothes that I had nothing to do with!

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