Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More odd than Even

it's a 3 post day.

been awhile since i had one of those. HALLELUJAH! right?

um, SURE!

I JUST REALIZED that this is the odd year.

when most of my kidlets turn odd . (except one but that is not for awhile, and so it doesn't count.) i'm pretty stoked on my odd peeps.

it's birthday time. so my profile b-days are not accurate. do i change them as it happens? then do it again every month? do i do it early even though people don't turn that age for a month or two?

seriously! it's a dilemma. i have this issue twice a year.

so . i'll list it. FYI like . right now. and you can take note of the change when it happens.

#4 Joy is SEVEN as of last june 12.

#5 Hope turns FIVE on Sunday. this is a big DEAL! because she's my baby girl and she's going to school this year.

and #6 Pierce (my little Devil) is gonna be THREE on August 2nd.yeah my BABY is almost THREE!

what the freak? i KNOW!

as an aside, the baby making seems to be over for me. ya know since I'm getting up in years (gasp! i'm 32).

really it's not me but Hubtastic that is ALMOST FORTY and thinking he's too old to get up every night with a wailing newborn. so the factory is closed. whatevs!

that and HE SAYS, laundry mountain is too much for me to keep up with. (like i've ever kept up with Laundry mountain, I ASK YOU? the answer is NO NEVER BEEN ABLE TO KEEP UP!)

but still, we are done multiplying and replenishing.

NEWAYS, the big kids are turning odd too (except Liberty who will go double digits. she gets to be even when everyone else is ODD! )

but if i'm listing the peeps and the oddness i might as well list everyone

SO... #2 Liberty turns TEN in OCT. 10 is not odd. but still worth a menion.

#1 Peyton will be ELEVEN (totally an odd numba holy shiz,i will be the mother of an 11 year old) in NOVEMBER.

(take note for month and some days. #1 and #2 are both 10. yes they are. that does happen to people. impressive right? ha! just don't mock me to my face about it.)

and THEN #3 Paxton is gonna be 9 (NINE) another odd one in DECEMBER.

oh and also in December we will be CELEBRATING the Hubs TURNING 40 with a PaRtAY!

an over the hill guitar hero party. get ready to ROCK! everyone can wear black and we'll pretend we are GOTH.

what is my point with this post? um it was the fact that the littles are all odd this year. funny how that every other year deal works out that way right?

hey, i just noticed. so humor me if you are thinking DUH!

i'm off for a delightful evening of BUNKO! and some serious good fun with my ladies.

i'm REALLY in need of some mama time.


i hope your Tuesday evening is DELIGHTFUL too.

HEY! before you go, go read today's other 2 posts. you don't wanna miss out do you? i blogged all about my unrelenting painful boob scab, and ketchup cups in the sacrament trays.

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CassiB said...

Have fun at bunko!
Mine are evens till nov. My hubby and I are odd but most people already know that!

andrea said...

Okay, wait a second...so does hat mean that right now you have a 10, 9, 8, and 7 yr old? Picture me bowing down to you right now.....I wouldn't be able to keep up with that! Well done woman!

Devri said...

ok, whatevah, I am 33 and mine will be 12 in November, young women age.. ugh! not me....

I have odds and evens, that is what happens when you pop them out every year and a half.. have great time at bunko, jelous. I'd love to fly down and crash your party!

Piper said...

Cute! Maybe we could make you a cute sign that says "a little more odd than even"!!

mom2three said...

Isn't it funny when you think of stuff like that! I am constantly doing that with numbers...I am just sick I think...I always try to get things down to 3...yes I am crazy!
My kids are all odd this year too now that I think about it....1, 3 and 5 and they were all born in odd months...March(3), May (5), and Nov (11)...and if you subtract all those months 11-5-3 what do you get =3 ...like I said Im sick in the head...haha!

Kimm said...

My older sister and I are 11 months apart, so we are the same age for almost a month. I thought it was pretty cool.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

i can't believe pierce is gonna be 3!!

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