Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazymama wants to know...Survey time

Alrighty. i need to know. some stuff. about you. just for fun and curiosities sake.

toilet paper should roll over or under?

your Soda should be REGULAR or DIET?

what do you like better Blogging or Facebook?

eyebrow grooming Tweezing or waxing?

which is worse dishes or Laundry?

and with this we are off to go swimming.

my boob sore is getting better with the help of whatever i could find to pry the girls apart. like a horizontal hot roller, or a bottle of Excedrin.

also my peeling. the cleavage is sadly peeling too. the Tan is still there though so it's not all bad, just dry.

anyway have a RAD thursday! be sure to participate in the survey

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Andrea said...

Hope you're having fun swimming! I bet you have your phone out and are reading my message right now, huh? LOL

Ok survey...
TP - roll OVER
Soda - Regular
I like blogging & facebook, but FB is easier right now
Eyebrows - Tweeze
UGH don't like dishes or laundry, dishes is grosser though

KayDee said...

TP: over
Reg soda
I like blogging but Fb has its advantages.
I dont like either one but I will have to say dishes is my least favorite thing.

Have fun:)

elle said...

TP - roll under. It looks neater
Soda - Regular. What is the point of diet?
Facebook - I like blogging but thats more for me. Facebook gives me a way to talk to people.
Eyebrows - Neither?
Dishes are my kryptonite. HATE them. Love the smell of bleach. All my towels are white now...didn't start that way...

Becky said...

I like TP under
Don't like carbonation, so neither on the soda
I only blog--no time for facebook

Melody said...

TP-over if it even gets on the roller
Soda diet if I drink it at all
Would rather blog, facebook ok
eybrows-haven't had to do either
Dishes/laundry don't mind either but its easier to hide the laundry so dishes get done daily (I have 3 dishes washers 11, 6, & 4 Hahaha)

Anonymous said...

Soda-Diet but I gave up the nectar!
FACEBOOK all the way
Waxing-for sure
Dishes- I make the hubs do the laundry his one chore!
LOL again Jewels you make my days brighter! I have stuff I need to share lets go out soon!

mom2three said...

Over...when the little flap is under I can never find the start of it in the dark!
Soda-Regular but I don't drink much soda
Total Tie between facebook and blogging
Tweezing of the eyebrows easier to get the shape I want
Dishes are the worst

tammy said...

tp: over
soda: diet coke, real rootbeer
i think i like blogging over facebook, but i like facebook for finding long lost friends/cousins and checking in with people in my ward. i HATE however the people that update constantly (every 20 mins) with stupid stuff. i really don't care to read a play by play account of their entire day. and hate all the bragging too. that bugs. wow...that was long.
eyebrows: both
chore: dishes are worse! which is why i make taylor do them.

Kimm said...

TP: OVER, under bugs me!
Soda: DIET I don't need the extra calories
FACEBOOK all the way.
WAXING for sure with tweezing in between
Toss up for dishes and laundry though I am trying to teach my children about the joys of each.

Saw you at the pool and was planning on coming out however Jane's A/C was leaking water in between her walls so waited for repair man to come.

Anonymous said...

Over. Under TOTALLY bugs me.
Blogging. I don't blog but I love to read other people's blogs better than their Facebook pages.
Laundry all the way. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly cleaned laundry warm from the dryer.
Kathy N.

Supercool Hotmama said...

try some baby powder

Supercool Hotmama said...

oops - tweezing (but I'd do waxing if I had the bucks)

CassiB said...

TP-over, if it is under i will change it
soda-reg unless i've had two that day then i feel guilty and switch to diet or zero
waxing and tweez inbetween
both suck but dishes are more tolerable
peeling is no fun! haven't had that pleasure yet but i'm sure one of these days i'll be out long enough to burn.

what are your answers?

Carie said...

TP- Over, never under
Soda- none, since I have been on some stupid losing weight kick, it's getting old though, I can hear Sonic's Happy hour DP W/cherry calling me!
Blogging- it's a lot of pressure though!
Eyebrows- Tweezing, but I get a little too obsessed with it!
Laundry for sure, it never ends!

*Hope your between the boobs heal, humidity weather is not the time for such things!

Eliza said...

TP- over for sure
Soda- the real stuff always, gag diet!
FB or Blog- both
Eyebrows-tweeze, waxing causes ingrown hairs yuck!
I LOVE laundry (really) dishes not so much.

Taryn said...

Toilet paper over.

Soda always diet these days.

Like blogging better.

I tweeze my own.

I abhor doing the dishes. When I was a kid my mom could get me to do every other chore in the house by giving me the choice to do them all or do the dishes. I'll take the long list every time!

jayna said...

ooh fun! a survey. sweet.

1. TP DEFINITLEY over. Under bugs.

2. would you believe that i don't really like soda? and don't notice a difference between the 2 because i never drink it.

3. tweezing. haven't ever waxed those suckers. but i'm not against it.

4. laundry is worse. it takes just as much time to load the machine but way more time after to triage all the clothes. and then there's ironing... blah.

jayna said...

oops. i left one out.

i like blogging better than facebook. i actually don't really like facebook.

Libby said...

You're too funny. Glad to hear that you are healing.

Soda-Diet Coke
Tweezing-I have never been brave enough to wax!!
Laundry-I don't mind throwing it in, but I HATE folding and putting it all away.

Happy Friday to you!

Janelle said...

this is so funny, cause i didn't even know there was a difference in the way it hung! until my sister told me the way I do it irritates her...honestly it still just goes on however it is!

no soda, just water, i'm wierd!
laundry, cause there's so many more steps!

Glad ur boobs are better!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Must be over! regulat no diet... Like them both equally... I'm a tweezer girl, I'm a wimp when it comes to waxing! I hate them BOTH when it comes to dishes and laundry! blech! Great questions and I'm glad your boob sore is getting better! :)

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