Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Cool Mom

sometimes...i can be THE NICE MOM! it almost always happens when it's someone's birthday. or if people are sick. I'm nice on rare occasion when i feel like it.

I'm realistic and honest, the mean mom is a standard feature around here (she takes people to the Dr. and makes everyone do Chores).
also on occasion the neglectful mom (she sleeps in and naps sometimes), or laid back mom (just go play computer and watch TV and get out of my hair, feel free to burp and potty train whenever you feel like it Too). the Lazy mom totally lives here. (she's a lot like the Laid back and neglectful mom but she doesn't like to do her own chores or cook either)

Today we are talking about the COOL MOM?
she rarely comes out to play. in fact it's so rare that she is spotted, she's more mythical than factual.

But every mom aspires to it right?

on days when we aren't so totally fried and over it.

I do have my days though and this week was full of Cool Mom Days.

You know the cool mom that plays with the kids in the pool doing handstands and flips showing off for her kids. (that was me! we caught it on Video , and even though I was cool for like an evening I'm still a prideful mom, so that sucker is for family viewing only)

Kids who are used to the mom that sits on the step, working on her tan, playing on FACEBOOK the whole time on her cell phone were HIGHLY IMPRESSED! they called them my COOL TRICKS like on YO GABBA GABBA!

The Cool mom also jumps off the waterfall at Parties.
(even though she's not a fan of being in a bathing suit in mixed company.)

The cool mom has crazy sleepovers with cousins, (even though she's kinda sick)

The cool mom plays RockBand with the Kids. (Man those cousins are impressed with my skills!) WE ROCK!

the cool mom celebrates the Macaroni and cheese box tower made by the 2 year old in the middle of the night. while oohhing and aahhing. She EVEN takes pictures .

The cool mom has sleepovers with cousins one night, and Friends another.

the cool mom takes 6 kids (that were wide awake) out for Ice cream cones at 1:01 am!

by the way, did you know a 24 hour McDonald's doesn't have Ice cream 24 hours a day?

Sonic by my house closes at 1:00 AM.

finally a King Cone from Chevron is a pretty delightful treat when that's the only place open.

I'm just sayin' !

Feeling pretty RAD about being the cool mom for like a week.


what makes your kids think you are a cool mom?

What do you do when you go swimming with the kids?

What kind of mom are you most often?

What is the most rare version of mom at your house?

share, I'm dying to hear.

well i gotta go save our fish from my toddler, he's screwing around in the fishbowl.So far he's added conditioner and TV cleaning spray , we'll see if Violet survives!

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Scrappy Girl said...

I think I am cool mom when I plan little parties or adventures out of the Princess for a day and our back to school fashion show...I think all the kids in our family think that makes me pretty cool!

Addicted to blogging mom comes out pretty often at our home...LOL!

The most rare version...loves to cook mom...she only comes out a couple times a year!

Piper said...

ha! most of the time I'm the YELLING MOM. I hate that mommy!

Cool mom happens when she lets the 4 year old help with EVERYTHING and stay up past bedtime watching dumb movies.

tammy said...

I'm the cool mom when I check my kids out of school early so we can do something fun, or let them have a free day at home because of good grades. Or when I take the out to eat and to a movie.

Sometimes when we're swimming I just want to float and read my book and not get my hair wet. It's too long to have to redo. But I can be the fun mom when I'm going down the slide with them or having races across the pool. Also when we sit in the hot tub at night telling spooky stories.

Taylor told me I was mean yesterday but when I asked him why, he couldn't back it up. I told him having to tell him 45 times to clean his desk or get dressed and then finally having to yell at him to do it doesn't make me mean. He doesn't get that.

I'm probably the nagging mom most. Hate that.

Carie said...

I think I am considered the cool mom like hardly ever! I feel like one, but my teenage boys do not agree I can tell! I try to be cool and text my son since that is how he likes to communicate, but I can tell he is just bugged that I can now text him instead of leave him alone! In the pool I like to sit and try to not get splashed, that of course hardly works.
It's official I am the mean mom most, and of course that makes dad the cool dad, gotta hate him for that!

Jen said...

You are a cool Mom, it was super cool of you to jump off the waterfall too, that makes you THE cool friend too! LOL! I think I am rarely the cool Mom, she only comes out once in a while, to play xbox, or other games, and maybe to get special treats, so yeah not that often.

Holly said...

You are such a cool mom!! I always seem to have a non-swimmer when we all go swimming - I'm waiting for the day when we can all just play and swim!! But the kids like when I race their dad (and win). I hope the kids think I can be a cool mom when we plan fun events and have movie and popcorn night in the family room floor and have lots of playdates :)

michelle said...

It sounds like it was a fantastic week over there! Anyone who takes the kiddos out at 1:00 a.m. is totally cool in my book! :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

i can still comment here right?

Supercool Hotmama said...

I'm the cool mom when I whip out treats for no reason, don't comment on dorky outfits that preteen has put together, react calmly when people do stupid things, make crap out of cardboard, and let kids make their own creations.

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