Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend delights and monday recovery

how about a weekend overview.

Friday night we had a Sleepover with my friend Andrea's Girls. my Big boys were gone to a boys sleepover at Grandma's house, so having 2 extras didn't add to the total # of kids that are normally here.

they had a fabulous time doing whatever they wanted (i took an evening nap while dad was in charge) then got up around 10. at about 1:00 i decided we should go for Ice cream cones. (the details on that are in the cool mom post ) they settled down around 3:00 am. but even the little kids were up until 3:00 which made for tired kids the next day.

That afternoon we went swimming at my mom's pool with my sister and her kids, and my cousin showed up with his family.
my cousin brought a boogie board they were jumping off the side onto and trying to surf. pretty soon a line formed and all the kids took a turn. the kids had a great time.

Oh i tried my "cool trick" of doing a flip on this giant ball, and BONKED MY HEAD on the bottom of the pool. it wasn't all that cool.

that night we went out with my Fave brother and his wife to Dinner and dessert and had our standard FABULOUS time.

Sunday was standard. and for dinner my mom and brother and my little sister and her kids came for Taco night. it was Delightful as always. and extra fun to have cousins over. she had a meeting so they stayed for a late night play date.

i have to say I'm still trying to recover from all the sleepover fun.


we are off to go swimming at a Friends house. and then we get to recover from the weekend mess.

hope you had a delightful weekend and may your Monday recovery be speedy and painless.

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jayna said...

weekends ARE my recovery. lol. i feel like i have been running non-stop and it aint gonna end. sounds like you had quite the weekend with little ones!! i bet they loved the ice cream trip at 1 am! you ARE cool! ;)


JennyMac said...

Who doesn't love sleep overs and pool parties? May I bring our son round? :) LOL.

SuperCoolMom said...

Speedy Hah! I have worked my butt off all day trying to get ready for our week-long sleepover. Would you like a few boxes of clothes? Bwahahahah.

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