Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazymama answers her own questions.

here we go. it seems i forgot to answer my own questions when i made up my survey this morning. it was in my rush to go swimming with the herd and my sister with her kids. which was delightful BY THE WAY.

now my case you care to know.

TOILET PAPER SHOULD ONLY EVER ROLL ....OVER! under and it's hard to find the damn end. but if it's on the roller i leave it. it will always be gone in a day anyway around here so the annoyance doesn't last long. but if i put it on it's always OVER!

SODA IS ALWAYS REGULAR! anything else and i want to GAG. really sometimes when I'm SUPER DESPERATE i will partake of a diet. but only if there is NOTHING ELSE TO DRINK. which usually happens at my mom's house and sadly i can hardly tell the difference anymore. but if I'm drinking soda, let's be real i prefer the good stuff. FULL CALORIE LIQUID SANITY! AHHHHHHH refreshing!!

I'm a fan of blogging. and only like Facebook. I'm more of a long story sharer. so facebook doesn't quite cut it. BUT i do love that you can find out if your friends blog from Facebook(they normally link to their own) . also, excellent for finding long lost friends. I've found more than a few which i LOVE. and some of them read my blog now. so it's win win.
but mostly i like FB as a tool to drum up blog traffic. plus it's easier and faster.

I get my EYEBROWS WAXED, every 5 weeks when i get my hair cut. and yes i should tweeze in between but i hate to tweeze because it makes me SNEEZE. sometimes i start feeling like i need to tweeze so i suck it up and settle in for a good sneeze but normally i avoid it. it's totally worth the $15 bucks to wax 'em.

WHICH IS WORSE? Laundry or dishes. believe it or not i like Laundry better than dishes. Dishes have been known to make me gag and even vomit in the past.

i had a MAJOR phobia of doing Dishes until a couple years ago. and still have a phobia of other peoples dishes, just not my own sink full and sometimes even then it's beyond my comfort level and then the hubs has to do it. and I've been known to "trade Favors" to get him to do them. it's true.

FYI when i do the dishes...

  • I MUST USE a long handled dish brush, and they have to be pre-rinsed, no sinks full of funktastic water sitting around for me.
  • I prefer to do dishes when I'm distracted while on the phone. then I'm less likely to get grossed out.

so there we are more info about me. super fun that lots of people answered the survey. i always like to learn new things about other people and really i wonder how things go at everyone Else's house. if you don't ask sometimes you'll never know how people put their bra on, or what their fave beverage is.

I'll rest better knowing these things.

tonight i subbed at bunko which was delightful.

my rockin' win scored me $15 bucks at QT!

freaking awesome!

Who doesn't love that? beverages. candy. snacks. delightful.

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Scrappy Girl said...

OMG...I hate the dishes too. I have a dishwasher. Funky water makes me gag too...I always prerinse and I have witnessed some people who have dish water you could slop the pigs with...ew!

Jane said...

I'm with you on the dishes. Yuck. Glad you scored at Bunco!

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