Friday, July 10, 2009

Crazymama's condensed version

this morning we (me and just my girls) enjoyed the summer movie fun condensed version of

Kitt Kittredge: An American girl movie.

it's the condensed version only for us. because every week we are (at minimum) a half hour late.

yeah. we go anyway. knowing we missed the first half hour or more of every movie fun movie.

the kids can't manage to sit through the whole movie without having to RUSH to the bathroom immediately after , if not before. Seriously, if we were on time we might have to go potty twice.

ALSO to be there on time , i'd have to get up earlier which hasn't happened once on movie fun Friday this summer.

super bonus we cut out all the boring parts of the Plot getting there right in the middle of the action, and finishing the story in a satisfying manner. no long boring build up. and it's great for me mostly because my attention span seems to be reduced in my old age.

I confess we also enjoy the condensed version of Church. sitting quietly, for extended periods of time is TAXING for most of us (mainly me).

being late we cut out part of the "wrestling time". (no we don't wrestle at church, i just have to wrestle my kids to keep them quiet and moderately well behaved).

it also cuts out the "run around time" (which means me chasing Pierce to the back of the chapel or up onto the stage).

the condensed version seems to be all we can handle. Flipping awesome.

of course when i'm alone, i can totally handle the full version of most movies. i reserve the condensed version of everything for when i'm with the kids.

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Jane said...

Glad you made it. I'd almost given up on you.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

i enjoy the condensed version of church as well. although my older kids sure make me look an idiot cause they can not sit still

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