Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazymamaof6 is going back to school

so, have you ever thought you should do something, you wanna do it, but the thought of it scares the heck out of you?

so you know you are going to do something, you think about it. plan on it. and yet can't bring yourself to make that first step to getting it done.

you hesitate because the process is unknown. it's confusing. it's not really fun. and yet you have to take the first step before you can get the process going.

well. i'm right there. on the verge of doing something i want to do. something i need to do. but taking that first step gives me anxiety. i've put it off for a month. that darn first step. it's almost too much of a stretch for me.

i have to go outside of my comfort zone. i have to stretch myself. i need to just suck it up and do it.

I'm going back to school.

Pierce will be gone to preschool 3 days a week in the morning. and the hubs works from home so TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS! i'm going to school.

(the hubs can passively supervise Pierce just as well as i do on those days while i'm in class.)

so i'm heading to school in less than a month.

i've been buying my own school supplies while shopping for the kids.

i pathetically admit, i almost had an anxiety attack tonight while in the folder aisle at TARJAY thinking about filling out the financial aide forms online. (that's what i'd been putting off)

so i came home and sucked it up and took my first step.


i have no college behind me except one semester 11 years ago.

so i hafta get my pre-requisites outta the way to get a nursing degree (eventually.)

that's the plan.

now i just need to register for classes. YEE HAW!

my classes will start August 25th.

i wonder if the hubs will let me buy my own back to school wardrobe?

otherwise this evening i went shopping, I got the herd some new kicks. (that's ghetto for shoes)

everyone's fit (except Joy who wasn't here to try hers on) and they were all thrilled.

then i hit Tarjay and wandered aimlessly for awhile.

lacking my supply lists for the kids , i couldn't finish off my school shopping.

so i settled for my minor anxiety attack and bought exciting things like pull-ups and socks.

it's such a glamorous life i live right?

i know you are jealous!

so do you have any... thoughts? feelings? random confessions you care to share?

do you procrastinate the first step? any step? anything?

what about anxiety? what gives it to you? anything?

what is/was your worst subject in school? what is/was your best?

if you were going back to school to get a new degree, what kind would you get?

if you already have a degree what is it?

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Jamie said...

Julie!!! That is so awesome! I am so envious of you courage! Not sure what I'd do....i would like to get to do hair again though and have a little hair salon in my house.

Scrappy Girl said...

How cool! Good luck with that!

I have an associate degree in Office Technology specializing in medical secretary. Blah! LOL!

I don't know what I would go back to be...

Becky said...

I have a masters in communications but want to go back and work on a PhD. I won't do that for at least five more years though. It stresses me out thinking about it, so I am not ready yet. If I could change degrees I would go back and become a PA.


Good for you!! I totally procrastinate if the task seems tedious, confusing, or is going to cause me loads of stress.

elle said...

I am also going back to school. I'm getting a degree in Medical Office Technology. What school are you going to? Online or in person?

Carie said...

Way cool! I was going to school way back in the day to be a nurse, but then I got prego's and it fell by the way side! Thats ok I do not know if i could have made it through math, which I seriously suck at! Good luck!

Piper said...

WOW! Good for you! I am so proud and impressed!

mom2three said...

yeah, that is super-fantastic. I can tell you from experience it is tough at first but it gets easier after a few classes...
I am currently in the end of my sophomore year, majoring in Communications with a minor in entrepreneurial studies...I want to start my own photography business or get into advertising.
I started last march and so far so good.
The real reason I went back to school though was for my kids...if something where to ever happen to my husb I would be now I have a back-up and have set an example for the kiddoz.

Good luck~

Jen said...

AWESOME! I am totally jealous and inspired! You are going to do great! Think of all the security this will bring. WOO HOO!

jayna said...

UM! yay for you!! i think that is fantastic! you can totally do this! funny, i actually have wanted for a long time to be a nurse... it's just that i already have a degree and i think that i need to stay in the creative field somehow. math was always my worst subject. but i always loved history. still do... maybe someday i'll get a nursing degree... ;) good luck to you. way to go for signing up. know that you have cheerleaders!!

KaraLyn said...

THAT IS AWESOME JULIE!!! You will do great in school! I just started back last year (super scary), but it is really fun once you get into it! I'm working towards my Nursing degree as well. I was super close to getting into the program 12 yrs ago and just let it go. But I enjoy school so much better this time around and knowing you, you will too! Good luck and ENJOY your new journey!!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

Woohoo! Glad you took that first step! The rest will be a breeze for you!

My Family said...

That is so exciting!!!!
I get anxious everytime I have to call someone, it's always worse if I don't know them and anytime I have to apply for something and the only reason I can think of is maybe I have a fear of rejection!? don't know!
I think that's so cool that you are going back to school and I say HECK YES to a new wardrobe, that's the best part of going back to school!!

CassiB said...

Good for you! i always said i would go back when my youngest got to kindergarten, well that didn't happen. i don't think my mind could handle school right now, it will have to wait till i don't have to babysit to put food on the table. when i go back i don't know what my goal would be. i always said i wanted to be a mom when i grow up maybe that's why. maybe i should be a home ec teacher, although i don't think they call it that anymore. most things cause anxiety for me, silly huh, i get it from my mom, and i'm usually fine once i get over the first hurdle.

Jenn said...

YEAH Julie--- good for you. That is very exciting.

Laura said...

I am so glad you shared that! I have only about 50 credits left of a degree from BYU. So someday (and soon I hope) I will take the plunge and get it done too!

It's overwhelming to me too!

Amy said...

My plan is to go back to school when my youngest is in 1st grade. I was to be a family therapist. I think its awesome that your going back to school, you rock!

Tracy said...

Wow...GOOD for you.I'm in aww.
You are truely inspireing. I still have nightmares from high school, mean girls, getting lost, can't get my locker open etc. I would love to go back to be a Midwife!
Good luck. If anyone can do this , it's you!!!!!!


onehm said...

WAY TO GO, Jules!! That's awesome.
I have a college degree in Elementary Education. It is helpful.
If I was going to go back to school again, it would be for cosmetology. Seriously wishing I had done that in high school....


sherry said...

I'm so jealous! I have really really really been wanting to go back to school and finish my degree. But whenever there is an end in sight, I justhave another baby. So now thatI am done having kids, atleastI have a timeline. A few more years and I will be there too!

tammy said...

Good for you Jules!

I can be a procrastinator. Like now when I know I need to make dental appointments and a gyno appt.

andrea said...

That is fantastic! Congrats!

You'll make a great nurse. :)

I have an almost degree (Certificate of completion but not an actual degree) in Respiratory Therapy. If I ever went back, I'd switch to nursing. But at this point, it would just make more sense to go back to work! Might as well bring the $$ in instead of out to more schooling.

Ruthie Girl said...

good luck. the process is timely, but anyone can do it.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

That is so awesome that you are going back to school! I totally salute and commend you. You will do great, just remember to accept al the help your hubby or any one gives you.

After being a stay at home mom...waiting til mine were in high school... it did take me a long time... through my hubby's military deployments...during a period of our son's chemo treatments and hospital stays... I finally graduated and got my license for Dental Hygiene this past May!

I had my whiney moments! and the books and studying was about the only form of entertainment that I gave myself...(I dont know how the young whipper snappers do, and have fun?)

Anyways, I truly believe its the age factor! I was the oldest in the program...

Andrea said...

WOOOHOO!!! Julie that's awesome!!! Good for YOU! I totally procrastinate the tedious stuff sometimes too.

Sarah said...

dude! good on ya for deciding to go back to school!

if i went back to school now it would be nursing, b/c i'd always have a job and the opportunity for sweet overtime. and a flexible schedule.

or i'd become a dental hygenist. i read somewhere that in Seattle the average dental hygenist makes $96,000/year. i can live on that.

alas, both these items would require me to get over being grossed out at stuff. maybe i should just stick to paper pushing.

let me know if you have questions on the financial aid stuff! i'm over-educated and paying back a small mortgage worth of student loans, so i know a little bit about financial aid and whatnot.

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