Thursday, July 30, 2009

losing my wisdom......teeth.

yesterday afternoon, i got 2 wisdom teeth removed.

it went great. as great as those things ever go.

they came right out (with some serious effort). and tadda! i lack wisdom....Teeth.

i had it done with just a local anaesthetic. (shots)

did you know i'm a rockstar when it comes to pain?

I don't need conscious sedation. which shocked the heck out of the office manager at the dentist office. and the oral surgeon's assistants.

i came home by way of the Pharmacy, and Taco bell for a frozen fruity drink.

and went to my room to chill. read my book, and rest up for the evening. (this is as close as i get to a vacation)

i napped a little but somehow the noise downstairs kept me awake.

eventually all the kids missed me and joined me in my bed to watch Disney channel.

the hubs had picked up wacky Wednesday for the kids, and a milkshake for me.

Later in the evening, i was hungry, and craving mashed potatoes. the hubs agreed to go get me some but the drive through place was closed, darn it for not craving those an hour earlier.

so he went to the grocery store. where he couldn't find the mashed potatoes.

so he came home with an assortment of potato salad and macaroni salad. WTH? not remotely the same thing.

he said he'd called but my phone didn't ring. so it was my fault they didn't have what i wanted. r

i might have cried at that point, and i might have been displeased.

seriously , when I'm the sick one i kind of get the raw end of the deal. if anyone else is sick, they get exactly what they asked for. plus some. which left me feeling like sometimes being the mom sucks.

this morning i woke up late. but felt pretty fine. no pain meds needed.

and my mom stopped by to see if we wanted to go to Barro's for lunch.

eating pizza was fine. but somehow it lacked the wonder because of the no carbonation and no straw rules.


i had pink lemonade out of the cup. TOTALLY LAME .

after that i tortured myself with a trip to the store with 3 kids. and it sucked again.

this time it was Joy, Pierce and Liberty.

  • joy talked non stop.
  • Pierce ran around like a nut, and kept climbing out of the cart. he bit my hand twice while i was trying to keep him with me.
  • Liberty kept begging for crap. wanting to buy things with her own money (that she didn't have with her.)

i've reached it for the day. i don't feel all that great. my jaw kind of hurts. and the stitches are bugging me.

I don't know what would make me feel better?

a nap alone? or some shopping alone?

plus a treat DAMN IT! i want a FREAKING treat.

this calls for a visit to my favorite place. on my way to the store. ALONE!

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CassiB said...

Hope you had some great mommy time. My mommy time is an occasional soak in the bath, which is in the hall, and i can still hear kids running around, cuz ours doesn't have a bath, even tho we remodeled it and i requested a bath. oh sorry where was i? umm ya being sick or hurt as a mom sucks. hope your jaw feels better quick!

Carie said...

I wondered why you blogged so late...Your quite old to get wisdom teeth out aren't you? Most people do it when they are like 18! I can't believe you flew through it like it was nothing, what is your problem? You needed to milk really did! I would have asked for KFC's mashed potatoes, or better yet is Texas Roadhouse's mashed potato's with cream gravy, I also like Outback's garlic mashed potato's(I'm kinda scaring myself with all this potato knowledge)! I'm impressed with your wisdom teeth story, I was down for 2 weeks,but then that might have been from the nasty effects from the anesthetic Hope your feeling better, soon, but then it sounds like you kinda already are!
Carie, your blog stalker.

Laura said...

I can tell you this I got mine out last year and also didn't use anything but the shots. I don't know which ones you removed but mine were not hard to remove (although sounded bad) the top caused little to no discomfort but the bottoms were horrible. I couldn't eat for a long while. Bonus I lost 5 pounds. My mom got her top out before me and also thought it was no big deal.

andrea said...

Take something for heavens sake, and demand a treat be delivered to you. End of story. Hope you feel better quick and the no soda time passes quickly. That might kill me.

Janelle said...

ok before I forget, love what you say about leaving r super rad!!
I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled a couple months ago and it was not very good, planned date night for the same night, bad idea!
Hope you feel better soon and get somethin good (like a break)!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Still....getting around to catching up on my blog reading!!!

...sooo...maybe since I am writing this late, you would have gotten your mash potatoes and some relaxin-calgon-take-me-away time... I hope so :o)

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